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old woman cow's arse lick my arse blow into my arse to take a shit goat's arse Jew short guy with thick glasses gay guy - literally spinach piercer ape's arse arse with ears this guy's a pig cash bad guy idiot with a pussy i've fucked your mother Stupid/The hole in your bum Animal poo An extremly,stuuuuuuupiid person i am hungry im gonna fucken eat you i pis in your mouth i shit in your mothers vagina go get ass raped by a bear hot asshole(woman) worse than the animals your ass is black A person who works in a brothel. your limping sister's pussy he/she's fucking ugly Virgin pussy Thirsty for sex Fuck a lady Son of a female dog I will fuck you asshole Fuck you sister s pussy you son of a notch youre a son don't fuck my mind Sand fuck Remove and show your pussy your pussy is in heat hairy ass Oh Hell! he is currently employed he is currently at work Go away stop bothering me Really good I'm telling you the truth. I am going to fuck you up. hold my penis ill bash your fucking head in mate Brainless pig head move your self from beside me idiot, loser wow, holy crap, damn, oh shit You are a bitch/whore Slutty girl (rising butt) butt hole! Sheep shagger Lowlife Stupid Goat Novice Fuck It Im Done a shitload of cock up your ass Ou fuck Go masturbate your dog Wrotten prostitute The old prostitute Smelling pussy Smelling ass Go stick fingers up ur vigina Damn/Blast it mother bitch I fuck your sister Fucked up person Someone Dumb Mug to wash the ass Whore/prostitute Your mother is a fucking pussy Put it up your ass You ate such a idiot! Breath smells like shit Much wind pours fromyour mouth Son of snakes (dishonest person) You are kind in your imagination You disgust me Goat shit Cock / Dick saggy ballsack A dog fucks your mother Go kiss an orc senseless fool Fuck in your mouth Fuck your mothers dead relatives I am a cunt Come here i need a boner my dick in ur moms pussy face die! (meaning go to hell)
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