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fat stripes belly (female) blue clitoris dog's cum ntsej muag Your mommy is a hoe I fuck your soul You are a bitch and an idiot. You don't have a dick Go Fuck! Piece of shit! Your mom sucked my dick yesterday That god will take you already! You're shit! back stabber i'll eat your sisters pussy put a fucking stick up your ass! Dog/Bitch Getting drunk You little piece of shit fuck it all gypsy (offensive) I fucked your mama's pussy Open and show your pussy fuck you! im the fucking hore im gonna cum, in your vagia fuck me harder sex,sex and more sex suck them tits im gonna cum fuck them all swim in that cum bitch leave me the fuck alone whore fuck off you stupid anus Lift your hand and show Lift the blouseand show Lift the under garment and show cunt of a hundred cocks Suck my dick you pussy Your father is gay i Fucking your mom Hi you cunt! You are going to sit on my dick Tits / Boobs Your mom is Justin Bieber! King of Gayness! I feel i am fucking so hard Your mom is wanking mine Stupid old hag Hey you motherfucker loser, outcast imma shit in your mouth Barstard God the pig Jesus, that guy is a vagina Jesus, that was fucked up Fuck your mother's funeral meal You are so delicious while Fucking you can't even pluck my pubic hair I'll fuck your niece A heterosexual person i dont like you Your ancestors be damned lit. You broke my dick Go do a blowjob lit. You broke my balls Fucking (male) prostitute Your living relatives be damned You're disgusting Disgusting thing Your mother's a bitch You are as beatiful as a bathroom Cunning person You're the reason of my hernia Uneducated person testicle / testicles Male/Female Bastard, Street Urchin your father's girlfriend/paramour your mother's boyfriend/paramour your sister's boyfriend/paramour suck cock/dick cocksucker / dick eater in your/her vagina to your brother to your father to your sister to your mother vagina of his own mother sone of a whore son of a dick and pussy Genital-like facial features Dick-like facial features Vagina like facial features Wild Animal Black Monkey Asshole Dirty fucking Jew small fucking annoying cunt You're fat and stinky Opened pussy I will fuck everyone you have! illegal son/daughter
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