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Sickness weak in bed oh hi. /suicide who is fucking your mom. I fuck myself (with a dildo) Doesn't matter Goose (Moron) you bitch's ass Fuckin' god! I'm gonna fuck your pussy Sons of the mountains Blacky Pussy white people Street thug Son of a man Gay bastad Big dirty pussy Fucking mother of god Holy fucking mother of Christ get your ass off my food you made me cry you bitch faggot, homo You shitty whore Shitty cunt Go jump up your ass Lying son of a bitch diarrhea shitting monkey ball Go fuck your mother in her pussy Have an heart stroke! In your mothers ass fuck you, mother fucker fuck the coffin of your dead fuck the soul of your dead That was too easy! I shit in your teeth Fuck your auntie Curse be upon your father! You're fucked in the mind your mother fuck by someone else Suck a bag of I FUCKED YOUR MOTHER!!! Faggot (coloquial) Man who likes fucking men Ugly woman (literally a lizard) Ugly woman (literally a rag) fuck your momma Manjer scheis Ass/Butt You are a fucking dickhead Dead dog's wanker! I'm going to hit you I agree with you Ill fuck you mate. Low quality / Retarded to shit one's pants To shit oneself Oh/Holy shit!! (said in amazement) to fucking Hairy passy Son a of a bitch Fuck off / Get Lost Low Caste Like Turks(bad race) Ass-fucked May you burn in fire Low caste and low-Karma Slice your cheeks Likely to be burned in fire(lit-up) Uncaring person Of lower caste Mouth wide open up to ears You a failure(You are dead meat) Cum/Jizz Week-ling She-Camel He-Camel Tinker in ass Free of cost fucking son of a lioness buzz killer you pile of garbadge! my dick on you your (mother/father) is an old shoe take middle finger curse on your mother's religion you're a getto you're a gay Son of a lady Cancer faggot (Blasphemy) literally: "Pig God" I'll fuck your brains out. I'm bored shitless. You're breaking my balls. raping immortal stalker Getting fucked in Ass Cocks taste good Let the water dogs fuck your mother
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