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Person with no face Go to the worse hells corner you pig i will cut your penis Your dad's cock ! Damn ! You little cunt You little cunt! poop eater (bullshit talker) get lost you idiot Obese mother fucker you are an animal! traitor!/ you're a traitor! traitor! greedy! you are useless/ douchebag lazy! pig!/ you're a pig/ dirty minded you are ugly! black moron/ stupid suck me/ suck my dick cunt/ pussy/ vagina dick/ penis you're mother is a whore son of a bitch/ whore stupid/ dumb/ moron you're a gay/ homosexual Son of a bitch. express to anger or annoyance suso fuck your dick between boobs I'll rape your butt hole again. Sex Domain salty, hater hater, raged person I don't care, suck it Lit. assface lesbo fag, gay, faggot attention whore crazy maybe ur mother pissed in pot Son of a bitch (male) Son of a bitch (female) Your mothers fannie this ecstacy is giving me an orgasm Typical Cod Curse QUIT LIKE A BITCH Harder, harder! Let's have sex She's a good sort I don't want it Sarcastic way of saying I like it Ugly person A gay man everyone who is not you Puppey XBOCT Dendi Eat my fucking ass bring me food you titwanker Noob Unskilled bitch motherfucker. peace of shit Crushed dick! Aang's slut Coffee (wtf you think?) Never gonna give you up Fuck between the boobs Another Shirt Lifter A loose woman A Shirt Lifter Stank whore Dick that entered prostitute pussy suck of dick flattened dick Fuck your grandfathers Fuck you in the mouth Going "IN" bone dry bend over You mother / mom should be dead. Fuck those city's sperm fuck her right in the pussy Drink Female Menstrual Blood Very sexually active Bow down to me, bitches. Old sausage skin Shit Prussian! cuckold Somebody else's Wife The bull will fuck you Rotten old man/woman My shit in you What a dick head you have wtf (lit. what Fuck your face , it s so ugly Who is it? nut how idiot you are !
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