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You fucking faggot Go and Masturbate WTF are you saying? dont say bullshit Fuck your great grandfather die you i will kill you Dog Pees in Your Ass OH SHIT! hail satan Fuck (usually in sexual context) That's it, I'm going to kill you. Stop crapping May the cancer eat ya! this sucks big time you're an old shitter bastard of my balls fuck your mom bitch ass dog Gay man who is the reciever Goat's cunt I'll fuck you up the ass I'll rip off your clit Gay or Homosexual Fuckin idiot ass bastared fuck you Shit dip You are so fucking screwed you are a wet cunt Fucking shit bastard stink cunt (S)he fucked up BIG TIME on the job I fuck your family I want your pussy I want to lick you all Explode! shut your mouth fucker Go to fuck off waste fellow Sucking dick Licking pussy Eating shit Penis / Cock /Dick just suck it Fuck your pumpkin You fucking horse You fucking homo Go and ride on a horse cock! Skinny White Bitch Squeaker Bitch of Mandalore Inensitive Prick Lazy Fuck Reporting Kiss my balls from behind You are a goat fucker a fuckup slut, prostitute balls (literally: ballsack) Son of a hot dog Gypsy way of doing something You nasty Fuck your tribe You failure / You worthless Honey in prostitute pussy fuck the system ugly fat girl I shat on your whole body Fuck off, Piss off, Beat it Don't like you or your big ideas. Cancer sufferer I kick babies Only I can spam Situation normal ... all fucked up Fuck it, I've Got My Orders Cluster Fuck Juice of my dick I PISS ON YOU AT NIGHT low class mother fucker You dirty prickwonker I'll fuck you forever Homosexual child/kid Anus fucker A cool guy That's gay Why are you so fucking stupid im so horny Booze Drinking Complaining Slut a slutty girl who does meth an extreme erection; hard-on promiscuous guy; man slut slut, promiscuous woman idiot, moron, douchebag bushfucker little kid I'll smash your face! Kiss my balls! Do you want to get fucked? go in my dick Fuck your mother son of a bitch
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