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may an horse fuck you Boob slave. your trees have fucked you take (something) in your ass elder than one's father whose mother birthed a dog fuck the world (thuglife) frog huge pussey Girl with big puzzy irritating pussey Cocksucking noob Fuck your origins! Christ God Mary the whore ! (oath) Balal suck my dick now Horny humans fuck you bleed like a river are you eating dick? I am only joking sexy female son of a bitch Boy's penis I will put chilly in Ur ass Take a piss (male) Indecent person; Gypsy Shitface (lit.: Piss tile) I fuck your wife Prostitute son I have no fucking life I will never have a partner I want to die of aids I want to fucking die God damn it marathi Squirt Move the fuck outta my way! Dick sucking I wanna eat ur titties babe A fat cow Go back to your mother's pussy Nymphomaniac in heat. (to) fuck I want 2 Bone u Blue on your head T1 subs CHOLERA God fucked your dead mother. Stale smelly Dick Mega faggot hold ma dick May God fuck your donkey Your fathers ass Brainless retard (literally) piece of cum stick your finger in my ass Stupid ass Bitch Your mother's arse What you will do Gay Witchdoctor's balls Go and shit you crazy ass Dick i shagged your mam Let Your ass become village door Your mother's pea horse pit pussy ur mum gay Triky asshole Free ass Pussy seller Pussy family I will fuck the ass untill breakage Lick as Son of sissy Pussy your mother Your sister has thousand dick Above my dick dog fuck your mother Shit man A person who has smelly cunt shit/lit. devil Foolish pussy Let a puppy fuck your ass Eat you dad Dumb Dog No litteral translation (Goddanmit) Shit or Fuck (Situational) I'll fuck your mom's pussy Ill stick my dick up your ass Donkeys cock Suck my dads dick Fingerbang Cheap ass everyone will be fucking out come back here, you asshole! Fuck off you villain! I'm the big shitty destroyer! Get out of your fucking life! I'm going to destroy you asshole! Watch your tongue
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