How to say Cunt in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Aboriginal White Munga White Cunt
Aboriginal Munga Cunt
Aboriginal wodjela Cunt White Cunt
Afgaranian Karzai Cunt
Afrikaans Doos Cunt
Afrikaans Jou fokken holnaaier poes You fucking ass fucking cunt
Afrikaans Jou fokken poes kakker naipoes You fucking cunt shitter cunt fuck
Afrikaans Poeslekker Cunt licker
Afrikaans jou ma se poes your mothers cunt
Afrikaans Jou Foken Poes You Fucken Cunt
Afrikaans you ma se poes your mothers cunt
Afrikaans poes gesig cunt face
Afrikaans Jou ma se bloed poes Your mothers' bloody cunt
Afrikaans Hy is 'n doos. He is a cunt
Afrikaans Lek my bloed poes Lick my bloody cunt
Afrikaans jou ma se skimil stink poes Your mother's pusie stinky cunt
Afrikaans Poes Cunt
Afrikaans Jou stink poes! You Smelly cunt!
Afrikaans Jou ma se poes! Your mother's cunt!
Afrikaans Poeskak Cunt shit
Afrikaans Ou bloed poes Old bloody cunt
Afrikaans gaan klim terug in jou ma se poes go climb back in your mothers cunt
Afrikaans Jy is 'n poes You are a cunt
Afrikaans Voetsek jou naai Fuck off you cunt
Afrikaans Donkie kont Donkey cunt
Afrikaans hoender poes chicken cunt
Afrikaans onosel fokken etter stupid fucking cunt
Afrikaans jou nare nai you nauseating cunt
Afrikaans jy jou nat naai you are a wet cunt
Afrikaans kontkop cunt head
Afrikaans Jou ma se moer Your mother's cunt
Afrikaans Dawid Jonker dodgy cunt
Afrikaans Kont Cunt
Afrikaans Vark poes Pig cunt
Amazigh riffan Thakhna Cunt
America english Blue waffles cunt A bitch with a bad std
American English Cunt Vagina
American English Cunt badger Someone that is a Badger of cunt
American english cuntswagal vagina eater
Arabic Kess ihktak your sister's cunt
Arabic Koos cunt.
Arabic jordanian yena'an kusha ommak damn your mothers cunt
Arabic algerian fuck your mother's cunt nik souet mok
Arabic algerian nik souet mok fuck your mother's cunt
Arabic palestine Kus Emakh your mother's cunt
Arabic syrian ya ebn l mintakeh you son of cunt
Argentina spanish La concha que me re pario The cunt who had a abortion
Argentine La concha de la lora Parrot's cunt!
Argentine La concha de tu madre ! Your mother´s cunt !
Argentinian La re concha de tu madre Your (very) mother's cunt
Armenian medz boots unice you have a big cunt
Armenian hodadz boots unice you have a smelly cunt
Armenian Kunem Lavid beran@/ Քունեմ լավիդ բերանը Fuck you cunt !
Armenian kunem mored tsake fuck your mom cunt
Armenian mored tsake you mom cunt
Arsenal spurs cunts
Asian accent kun tu cunt
Assamese Gida Khua Cunt Eater / Pussy Eater
Assamese buch seleka licker of cunt
Assamese sipha jagra eater of cunt
Assamese Gida Cunt
Assamese Pheda cheleka Cunt licker
Assamese Maaeror Boos, maksudai Your mother's cunt, motherfucker
Assyrian qota spista dirty cunt (pussy)
Assyrian Pakha (guy) Pakhta (girl) sad cunt
Asturian hiedetu ratu you stinky cunt
Asturian Ratu bobu Stupid Cunt
Atvian pezha cunt
Aussie slang She's about and sweet as a cat pissing down ur mums cunt Have u seen my hairy pussy
Aussie slang Scrackin cunt What's goin on man
Aussie slang Fucks goin on cunt How was your day bro
Aussie slang Bucket Cunt A loose woman
Aussie slang Cunt hooks Fingers
Aussie slang g'day ya mad cunt hello my crazy mate
Aussie slang See You Next Tuesday Cunt
Australia Ya cunt! Dumbass
Australian get ya cunt out I would like to see your vagina
Australian How are ya, ya cunt! Hello, dear friend!
Australian Fuck tard Stupid cunt
Australian You're a sick cunt! You're really cool!
Austrian Fut cunt
Austrian Futschas a fart from the cunt
Azerbaijani Dindiq Cunt
Azeri Gicdillag Crazy cunt
Azeri Mamish Cunt
Bagri Titi Cunt
Bahasa melayu Puki mak your mother's cunt
Bangla Thor heta muka ath boridimu i will fist your cunt
Barbadian Mudda cunt Your mothers pussy
Barbadian cunthole cunt
Barbadian cah yuh cunt go away
Barbadian Bare cunt Crazy behaving person
Barbadian Suck yuh cunt Suck your vagina
Batak Bujang inam Your mom's cunt !
Bavarian Fozn Cunt
Bengali fuun-ga cunt
Bihari chutmuha cunt face
Breoon Steempy obese cunt
Brit military Pongocunt a soldier of low social standing
Brit military Paracunt A Paratrooper
British fucking cunt useless piece of shit
Bulgarian putka zaspala sleeping cunt
Bulgarian putkolizec cunt sucker
Bulgarian Putka Cunt
Bulgarian Pitchka ti lelina your aunt's cunt
Bulgarian na maika ti u putkata in your mother's cunt
Bulgarian Nedugava Tupa Putka lame stupid cunt
Calabrese !Sticchio! pussy / cunt
Calabrese Picciun' Pigeon (Cunt)
Calabrese U picciun' e mammata Your mothers' cunt
Calabrese U picciun' e suorta Your sister's cunt
Calabrese U picciun' e zieta Your aunt's cunt
Calabrese U picciun' e nannata Your grandma's cunt
Canarian que pescaao what a cunt
Cantonese hai Cunt
Cantonese Hai yeung Cunt face
Cantonese Diu lei goh hai Fuck you in the cunt
Cantonese Diu lei low mow goh tsau fa hai Fuck your mom in the rotting cunt
Cantonese fei hai fat cunt
Cantonese ngong hai crazy cunt
Cantonese chi bai cunt
Cantonese nimabi your mother's cunt
Cantonese Cau fah hai Smelly disintegrated cunt
Cantonese Sey Hai ! dead cunt !
Cantonese Kauw HAI ! Dog cunt !
Cantonese Lou Hai Old Cunt
Cantonese Nei go hai yan ho se ah Go die you fucking cunt
Cantonese mung hai crazy cunt = stupid bitch
Cantonese Do lei lo mo chau hai Go fuck your mother's smelly cunt
Chicken Cluck cluck cluck Fuck you cunt
Chilean sapo culiao fucking cunt
Chilean concha tu madre your mothers cunt
Chinese bi cunt
Chinese Sha bi Stupid cunt
Chinese wo cao ni ma bi i fuck ur mom's cunt
Chinese xia bi (shee-aah bee) cunt
Cockney rhyming slang James Blunt (only first word used) Cunt
Colombian perro hijueputa cunt son of a bitch
Cow You live in a brown barn you cunt Your house smells
Creole sousoute cunt
Creole kas liki sor ma break her mother's cunt
Creole (mauritian) "Falour" mama swearing word (Your mum's cunt)
Creole (mauritian) Faloure or "Falour" mama swearing word (Your mum's cunt)
Creole (mauritian) Liki to mama swearing word (Your mum's cunt)
Creole (mauritian) Sousoutte Vagina (cunt)
Creole (sierra leone) you mami im conk your moms cunt
Croatian jebi se pitcka go fuck yourself cunt
Croatian, serbian smrdljiva picka smelly cunt
Croatian, serbian Picka cunt
Croatian, serbian Popusi mi ga pizdo Suck my dick you cunt
Cypriot glifo munni cunt licking
Cypriot skato poutto shitty cunt or "pussy"
Cypriot gamo ton shisto su fuck your cunt
Cypriot mounno poutso gliftra cunt and dick licker
Czech piicha cunt
Czech Peecha Pussy/Cunt
Czech kunda cunt
Danish Kusse Cunt
Danish Sut min fede pik din luderfisse Suck my fat cock you whorecunt
Dhivehi Fui Cunt
Dhivehi Findhu Cunt
Dimasa Nama ni khilaam Your mother's cunt
Dog woof cunt
Duck Quack Fuck off you shitty cunt
Duck Quack quack Fuck your mother, cunt
Dutch Kutwijf! Bitch (literally cunt bitch)
Dutch kutaap cunt monkey
Dutch Kut! Shit! (litterally, cunt)
Dutch Homofiele kut kanarie gay cunt canary
Dutch (brabants) Kutkop cunt face
Dutch (holland or belgium) Kut Cunt
Dutch(limburgs) Kuttekop cuntface
Dutch(limburgs) Kutflikker Cuntfaggot
English Arrogant, Gum-chewing fat cunt American (man)
English Hairy armed Froggy cunt French (woman)
English Froggy cunt French (man)
English vedi puku hot cunt
English puku vachindhi swelling cunt
English cuntlapper one who performs fellatio
English senti cunt
English Dumbcunt An idiot
English Cuntface An unattractive person
English piizda cunt
English poesteef cunt bitch
English poesnaaier cunt fucker
English Cock eyed Cunt. Stupid Ugly Person
English feck you're a cunt, fuck off
English dumpster cunt slutty unclean woman.....
English Shut your cunt! Stop talking immediately!
English dumb cunt idiot
English Cretinous cunting fuckhead A very bad person
English Oh, fuck cunt. Totally useless
English Dick juggling thunder cunt
English Raging Cunt Someone who is rude
English go wank off you cunt get lost
English Fuck you cunt Fuck you cunt
English You cunt
English Bald cunt
Esperanto Viringo Cunt
Estonian vitt/puts cunt
Estonian vitu imeja! cunt sucker
Estonian Mine ja keppi ennast! cunt sucker
Fachino Questino Cunt
Fag tok Uchona! (oo.choh'.nah) Cunt!/Fuckin cunt!
Fag tok Ucha susja! (oo'.cha soo'.shah) Dirty cunt!
Faroese Fisa Cunt
Farsi kosse amat!! you aunts cunt!(fuck your aunt!)
Farsi Kos gandoo A person who has smelly cunt
Fijian Maga qase Old cunt
Fijian Magai jinana Mums cunt
Filipino pek pek cunt
Finnish Pillu Cunt
Finnish Nuole mutsis likaista pillua. Lick your mothers dirty cunt.
Finnish Haista vittu! Fuck you! (Lit. Smell cunt!)
Finnish Suksi vittuun Ski into a cunt
Finnish vittu fuck(Lit. cunt)
Finnish Kilinvittu cunt of a goatling
Finnish Hevon vittu Horse´s cunt
Flemish (Belgium) kut cunt
French salaud cunt
French le con, la conasse, la chatte cunt
French Je peux sentir ta chatte! I can smell your cunt!
French acadian(chiac) Vache Sale Dirty Cunt
Gaelic Awa tae fu cunt Please leave my proximity you cunt.
Gaelic gowl cunt
Galician cona cunt
Galician me cago na cona cunt dammit
Galician Caracona. Cunt-face.
Galician Me cago na cona que te botou I shit on the cunt that spewed you
Garo (achikku) SI'I kaltIng smelly cunt
German Fotze Cunt
German du blöde stinkfotze you stupid stinking cunt
German die Fotze cunt
German Blvde Fotze Stupid cunt
German Arschfotze asscunt
Greek nafais to muni/villara eat cunt/dick
Greek Gamw to mouni pou se petage I fuck the cunt that threw you
Greek Panathinaikos (or Vazelos) Club of cunts
Greek muni Cunt
Greek to shisto sou (cyprus dialect) fuck your cunt
Greek gamoto mouni tis laspis fucking dirty cunt
Greek Mounotricha A cunt hair.
Guarani aña rako peguare the devil's cunt
Gujarati Pikina you male cunt
Gujarati Jignesh Mevani SC cunt
Gujarati Akbaruddin Owaisi Biggest cunt
Guyanese Hall yuh scunt To get lost (move your pussy)
Guyanese Scunt, or Motha Scunt your mother's cunt
Guyanese scunt pussy
Guyanese yah mutha scunt your mother's a pussy
Gypsy Meesh Cunt
Hakka chew hai smelly cunt
Hakka Diao Nga Mi Tji Pet ! Fuck your mother cunt !
Hawaiian kali cunt
Hessian Muschkopp; Futtkopp Cunthead
Hindi bhadwe ki nasal ass hole cunt seller
Hindi teri maa ka bhosra your mother`s cunt
Hindi Dheeli Choot Loose Cunt
Hindi Teri bhosri mein aag Fire in your cunt
Hindi teri maa ki chut your mother's cunt
Hindi chut ke makkhan butter of cunt
Hindi choot ki jhilli clit of cunt
Hindi bhosad chod dirty cunt fucker
Hindi choot k bhoot ghost of cunt
Hindi choot k pakode fryball of cunt
Hindi Tyagi Cunt face
Hmong mob pim cunt
Hokkien CheeBai Cunt
Hokkien Chee bai mo Cunt Hair
Hungarian Picsa Cunt
Hungarian Anyád picsája! Your mother's cunt!
Hungarian Te kis kcsg You little cunt
Hungarian Te kis kcsg! You little cunt!
Iban Pukindai your mother cunt / pussy
Ibo Otu nne gi Your mother's cunt!
Icelandic Drullu kunta Shitty cunt
Icelandic Kunntan thin You cunt
Indonesian Nyame your mother's cunt
Irish Bloody Cunt Stupid Shit
Italian Sorca Cunt
Italian Figa Cunt
Italian Fica cunt
Jaia Hippo Fuck you you cunt
Japanese Omanko Cunt
Japanese Manko Cunt
Kampampangan (pampanga) pekpek cunt/ pussy/ vagina
Kannada tullana cheepu lick my cunt
Kannada tuunyag sudu idhli hakli may burning coal fall in ur cunt
Kannada Bosodike Used Cunt
Kannada nimm avvana tullaga in your mom's cunt
Kannada tullu cunt
Kapampangan (pampanga) Antac Cunt/Whore
Kapampangan (pampanga) Antacnaidumo/Antac nang indu mo/Tacnaidumo/Tacnaidamo You're mother's a cunt/whore
Kashmiri maaji gooud sisters cunt
Kashmiri beni gooud sisters cunt
Kazakh Sheshenin umy! Mom's cunt
Kazakh Enengning patagy [pæ- tu-gi] Have your good mother's cunt
Kazakh Am (Um) Pussy, twat, cunt, bitch wrinkle
Kazakh Amshelek immense and deep cunt
Kazakh Sasyk am Smelly cunt
Khasi Stud Cunt
Khmer K'doi mai vi'eh Your mom's cunt
Kiswahili Kuma nina your mother's cunt
Kiswahili Kuma mbuzi Goat's cunt
Konkani Fude Cunt
Konkani Tujya Baye Fodo Your Mother cunt
Kyrgyz Am Cunt
Latvian Pzdplsis Cunt destroyer
Latvian Pīzda cunt, twat
League of legends teemo small fucking annoying cunt
Lebanese Kess Cunt
Lithuanian supista pyzda fucking cunt
Lithuanian Pize Cunt
Louisiana creole coocoon cunt
Louisiana creole Kawin Cunt
Luxembourgish Fotz Cunt
Macedonian Vunasti pichkojed Ron Jeremy (wooly cunt-eater)
Macedonian up your mums cunt picka ti mater
Macedonian Ebise Picka Fuck You Cunt
Malay Burit Cunt
Malay Puki mak kau! Your mother's vagina/cunt!
Malayalam ammaudi pootil poocha cat in your mothers cunt
Malayalam Pooru Montha Cunt Face
Malaysia Puki loe! You cunt!
Malaysian Maa hai Your Mother's Cunt
Maltese L'oxx Cunt
Maltese Qisek l'oxx Your a cunt
Mandarin Sa Bi (not sha bi) stupid cunt
Mandarin chibai cunt/pussy
Maori Tarawera Hot Cunt
Maori Haunga Teke Smelly Cunt
Maori Laho Cunt
Marathi ayica dana mother cunt
Marathi phodarphatya One with torn cunt
Marathi Kanadal Woman who is very horny itchy Cunt
Mexican cono cunt
Mine craft TycerX Go die you cunt
Minecraft You greifed my server! I hate you, you stupid cunt
Mizo Chhu hmul buk Hairy cunt
Moldavian Chizda cunt
Mongolian Ho-gain piss-tar Shit cunt
Mongolian Goy piss-tar Good cunt
Moroccan Tabon Cunt
Motu kiyo makoina broken cunt
Motu kiyo vairana cunt face
Nagamese/naga Toi laga Muji Gundai Your cunt stinks
Neapolitan Int' a chella fessa 'e mammeta Your mother's cunt
Nederlands (dutch) kut (lit. cunt) sucks
Nederlands (dutch) vuile stinkkut dirty smelly cunt
New zealand Queer Cunt Unlike able person
Nigeria,igbo Ohu ezi Pig cunt
Niuean keo elo stink cunt
North norwegain Fett hore Cunt Whore
Norwegian jævela fitte Fucking cunt
Norwegian dåsa cunt
Norwegian svela te mor e så frøktele stor my mothers cunt is so freakin big
Norwegian Fittetryne Cunt face
Norwegian Utpulte slappfitte outfucked lazycunt
Norwegian Fitte-faen Cunt-damn
Norwegian Fitte faen Cunt fack
Octor who english Fantastic! You're a cunt!
Oriya To Maa Biya Re Ghen Fuck you mother's cunt
Oriya To bhauni bia re ghia Fuck in your sister's cunt
Oriya bia ku darkar jaghanya gihan cunt need's very hard fucking
Oriya To Maipa Biaare gihen Fuck your wife's Cunt
Oriya To Maipa Biaare Gihen Shall Fuck in your wife's cunt
Oriya Faizan Cunt
Oriya Banda Bia Tana tani Tug of war between Cock & Cunt
Osh Maltese Cunt
Otjiherero kanyoko konini your mother's cunt
Papiamento Aruba Curacao Bonaire) Bai den tonto di bo mama Go into your mama's cunt
Papiamentu Konjo bo mama Get back in your moms cunt
Papiamentu Koño Pussy / Cunt
Papiamentu Bai den conjo di bo mama Go inside the cunt of your mother
Pidgin Kaikai kan Eat Cunt
Piemontese Ciornia Cunt
Pig latin ogday untcay dog cunt
Piglatin isspay off untcay piss off cunt
Pokemon Your a crazy Jigglypuff You cunt
Polish Spierdalaj ty glupia pizda Fuck you, you stupid cunt
Polish Cipa Cunt
Polish Pizda Cunt
Portuguese Cona da tua mae! Your momma's cunt!
Portuguese (brazil) buceta cunt
Portuguese (brazil) Buceta Cunt
Portuguese (brazil) Vá tomar na buceta!! Go take (a penis) in the cunt!!
Portuguese (brazil) Zé Buceta Idiot (Lit.: Joseph Cunt)
Punjabi chuttiya shifty cunt
Punjabi Teri ma di khali phudi your mums black cunt
Punjabi Pudhi avandeya Cunt (male person)
Quebecois Tabarnak de plotte sale Dirty fucking cunt
Rhaeto Romanic Holli Shittye fatte cuntbitch
Rocket league Down Up Cunt arse.
Romana Te bag in pizda la ma-ta. I put you into your mother's cunt.
Romanian du-te-n pizda ma-tii! go back in your mother's cunt!
Rungus your cunt turoi nu
Russian Piz'da Cunt-Pussy
Russian Pokazhi pizdu detka Show your cunt baby
Russian manda cunt
Sardinian Su cunnu 'e mama rua bagassa "the cunt of your bitch mother"
Scottish easy ma cunt whatever
Scottish Dozy cunt idiot
Scottish Glakit Cunt Stupid looking cunt
Scottish Gaelic S e faighean a th'annad You're a cunt
Scottish Gaelic Tha thu 'nad fhaighean You're a cunt
Scottish gaelic a phit, pit, phitean a/the cunt, cunt
Serbian Picko rutava You cunt with hairy pussy
Shanghai wu cao na ma e bi I fuck your mum's cunt
Shardyyyy You know anyone who wants to buy an iPad??? I'm a junkie cunt, I'll suck
Shona (zimbabwe) Mhata yako Your cunt
Shona (zimbabwe) Pamhata! Cunt!
Sichuanese (chinese) gua pi stupid cunt
Sichuanese (chinese) ma mai pi mom sells cunt
Sichuanese (chinese) ma mai ma pi mom sells cunt
Sichuanese (chinese) ri ni ma le go pi fuck your mom's cunt
Sichuanese (chinese) ri ni ma pi fuck your mom's cunt
Sichuanese (chinese) pi wawa cunt boy
Sinhala Kimba / hutta / pidiya Pussy; cunt
Slang fuck aff ya smelly cunt go away you smell
Slavic languages Gdeh see peezdoh? Hi you cunt!
Slovak najebany cunted (drunk)
Slovak picifuz cunthair (strong insult of a man)
Slovak o picny chlp by a cunt-hair, a little, not much
Slovak kurva pica blesk ! whore cunt lightning ! (oath)
Slovak bzdocha cunt, bitch
Slovak plna pica a lot of (literally full cunt)
Slovak drz picu Hold your cunt ! (stop talking)
Slovak nadrbany cunted (drunk)
Slovak nadrbat sa to get cunted (drunk)
Slovak do pice vyjebanej skurvenej ! into the cunting fucking cunt !
Slovak Jebem ti picu materinu ! I fuck your mother´s cunt
Slovak na picu on the cunt (very bad, very poor)
Slovak do pice ! into the cunt ! (strong oath)
Slovak Jebem ti picu ! I fuck your cunt !
Slovak Ty kurva skurvena pojebana ! You fucking cunting slut!
Slovak pica cunt
Slovak Ty pica vyjebana ! You fucking cunt !
Slovak Jebem picu tvojej matere ! I fuck your mothers cunt !
Slovak Osral som ti picu ! I shit over your cunt !
Slovak Piča Cunt
Slovenian Pička Cunt
Sotho Nyam Maw Your mothers Cunt
Sotho Nnywana ya mmao Your mother's cunt
Sotho Nyoana mmao your mothers cunt
Spanish La concha tuya Your cunt
Spanish Concha Cunt
Spanish La concha de tu madre Your mother's cunt
Spanish cara de cona cunt face
Spanish Conyo Sucio (Con-Yo Sue-See-Yo) Dirty Cunt
Spanish coño viejo Old Cunt
Spanish Maldito puto cono! You motherfucking cunt!
Spanish all Pinche puto mamow Bitchy cunt sucker
Spanish (cuban) Me cago en el coño de tu madre I shit on your mothers cunt
Spanish (ecuador) chucha del tu madre mother cunt
Spanish (guatemala) cuka cunt
Spanish (puerto rico) coo Fuck (literal translation: cunt)
Spanish (uruguay) Bolsillo de Coños Pocket of Cunts
St.lucian Coocoon Mamaw Your Mother's Cunt
St.lucian your mudda trou coucoon your mother's cunthole
St.lucian hol your mudda cunt hold your mother's cunt
Stereotypical chinese Chong chong chang ching You are a cunt
Strine (aussie slang) Ya pharken coont You are a fucking cunt
Sundanese kodok momok fingering cunts
Suriname(sranang) njang mi po la ! eat my cunt !
Suriname(sranang) yu ma pang pang ! your mother cunt !
Suriname(sranang) yu ma ting-ngi pang pang ! your mother dirty smell cunt !
Suriname(sranang) ting-ngi poentje/pola/bara dirty smelling cunt
Suriname(sranang) ju ma doosje your mother cunt
Swedish Ät skit och dö din jävla fitta! Eat shit and die you fucking cunt!
Swedish Fittjävel Cunt
Swedish fitta cunt
Swedish Din variga grisfitta You ulcerous pigs cunt
Swiss german Futze Cunt
Swiss german Möse / Futz / Fotze / Schnegg / Muschi Cunt
Swiss German draecks votze fucking cunt
Tagalog (philippine) Puke Cunt/Pussy
Tagalog (Philippine) pu'keng ina mo your mothers' cunt
Taiwanese Gan Li nian ji mie Fuck your mom's cunt.
Tamil olutha pundai cunt which is oozing out cum
Tamil naara koodhi stinking cunt
Tamil ongappan pundai the cunt which belongs to ur dad
Tamil somba koodhi Useless cunt
Tamil kusu koodhi Farting cunt
Tamil Punda vaaya Cunt mouth
Tamil soora koodhi disgraced cunt
Tamil kena punda stupid cunt
Tamil pae punda big cunt
Tamil kudiya baadu cunt boob fucker
Tamil Pundaa Mavane Son of a Cunt
Tamil Koothi mayir Cunt hair
Tamil muttaa koodhi Stupid cunt
Tamil sunni oombi aaya koodi Cock suckin grannu cunt
Tamil mala mattu punda mountain cow's cunt
Tamil auvusaari koodi prostitute's cunt
Tamil thevidiya punda prostitute's cunt
Tamil koodhi payale cunt-face
Tamil koodhi cunt; pussy
Tamil Unga aaya kuthi your grandmas cunt
Tamil Ongaka pundek your sisters cunt
Tamil pundek leh nandu kadikeh crab bite your cunt
Tamil Hakka Kudi Your sisters cunt
Tamil puluthi cunt sucker
Tamil thatuvani kuthi prostitute cunt
Tamil Thatuvani punda Whore's cunt
Tamil koothi nuckie cunt sucker
Tamil Pundai nakki Person who sucks cunt
Tamil Punda mavale daughter of cunt
Tamil Arivu ketta koothi Retarded cunt
Tamil karung kuthi mavale girl having black cunt
Tamil Makki punda Rotting cunt
Tamil Poo nakki Cunt sucker
Tamil Sura punda Filthy cunt
Tedim Mi songbong! Never do well! You useless cunt!
Telugu Poooku chinchu rip my cunt
Telugu kammani pooku sweet cunt
Telugu pooku, dimma, pappa, bokka pussy/cunt
Telugu Puku Peka adistha Playing Poker with cunt
Telugu pukku naaku lick the cunt
Telugu Ne amma pukkulo naa modda my cock in your mothers cunt
Telugu kukka -pooka bitch's cunt
Telugu Chitthu Pooka Waste cunt
Tetum Huin Cunt
Thai naa hee cunt face
Thai hee roy kuay! cunt of a hundred cocks
Toisanese (taishan) ew niek ma go hie fuck your mother's cunt
Toisanese (taishan) eel niea ma gah hai Fuck your mother's cunt
Tony blair Hi I,m Tony Blair I am a cunt
Trinidadian yuh stink cunt your dirty vagina/penis
Trinidadian yuh mudda cunt your mom's vagina
Trinidadian yuh sour cunt your stink pussy
Tulu poot cunt
Tulu malla pooti big cunt
Tunisian Arabic aan zabbur umm khaltik damn your aunt's mother's cunt
Tunisian Arabic zabburummuk your mother's cunt
Ukrainian Peederus Cunt
United kingdom You're a Thunder Cunting Bastard Child I love you but, stay away from me.
Urdu Lehenge ka ghulaam Wife Cunt's slave
Uyghur Mal Totak Cunt
Vanuatu Kan fes cunt face
Virgin islands creole Modda Skunt Your mother's cunt
Wanker ese Suck my cum-stained gusset you cunt! Fuck off
Welsh iawn cont hiya cunt
Welsh cont cunt
Welsh Gotsan Cunt
Welsh cont gwirion stupid cunt
Welsh Dos drost y bont y cont Every english man is a cunt
West vlams je mussel stiekt your cunt stinks
West vlams der angt sop an je schreve there is cum on your cunt
Xhosa Bhentse emfene Baboon cunt
Xhosa Umsunu ka nyoko Your mother's cunt
Yemeni Kos Ommo Cunt of mama
Yiddish Ku Fartzer cunt eater
Yiddish KLAFteh Cunt
Zulu golo cunt
Zulu malebe cunt lips

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