How to say He-Camel in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
(pashto) sta mor kuss your mothers pussy
70s black Make kau dog Your mother black
80s Mother chode Faggot
80s Mo Fo Mother fucker
Afghan kus modar mother fucker
Afghan Pathar Nalat Curse Your Father
African American Vernacular English Hoe get on the D and suck! Fuck me
African American Vernacular English Hyena A cheap, loose or ignorant woman
African American Vernacular English The D Penis
African American Vernacular English M.O.B. Member of the Bloods gang
African American Vernacular English The Plug Source for illegal narcotics
Afrikaans Sleg etter Rotten pusshead
Afrikaans ma-naaier mother fucker
Afrikaans kotskop puke head
Afrikaans jou ma se poes your mothers cunt
Afrikaans moerskont mothers puss
Afrikaans wie de fok dink jy is jy who the fuck do you think you are
Afrikaans Gaan kak in die kaap Go crap in the cape
Afrikaans Your ma se poes your mothers vagina
Afrikaans you ma se poes your mothers cunt
Afrikaans Jou ma se bloed poes Your mothers' bloody cunt
Afrikaans Tietkop a man with no hair (nipple head)
Afrikaans Gaan kak op jou ma se poes! Go shit on your mother's pussy
Afrikaans Tietkop(Pronounced : Teetcop) Tithead
Afrikaans Hy is 'n doos. He is a cunt
Afrikaans jou ma se skimil stink poes Your mother's pusie stinky cunt
Afrikaans Jou ma se poes! Your mother's cunt!
Afrikaans Etterkop! Pusshead!
Afrikaans Pielkop! Dickhead!
Afrikaans Gaan naai jou Ma Go fuck your mother
Afrikaans gaan klim terug in jou ma se poes go climb back in your mothers cunt
Afrikaans Hy is 'n duiwel He is a devil
Afrikaans Jou ma se poes Your mother's pussy
Afrikaans Jou ma se bloedpoes Your mother's bloody clit
Afrikaans jou pa se perd your fathers penis
Afrikaans piel kop dick head
Afrikaans jou mase stink poes your mothers stinky pussy
Afrikaans jou ma se chit stink your mothers cape clit stinks
Afrikaans Jou ma se Poes Your mothers fannie
Afrikaans jou pa se stink vuil poes your father smelly dirty puss
Afrikaans Gorrel my spyt kak Gargle my diarrhea
Afrikaans Dopkaas Dick cheese
Afrikaans mod soka mother fucker
Afrikaans Jou ma se ertjie perdjie pit poes Your mother's pea horse pit pussy
Afrikaans Tikkop Meth Head
Afrikaans kontkop cunt head
Afrikaans Jou ma se moer Your mother's cunt
Albanian Ta qifsha fëfërdakin e nonës May I fuck your mother's rim
Albanian Rrot kari Dickhead
Albanian Nanajote ehankarin Your mother eats cock
Albanian ta qifsha pythin e nans fuck ur mothers vagina
Albanian ta qifsha nanen ne pidh kari fuck your mother you dick
Albanian Rrot Kari Literal: Dick Wheel, i.e. jackass
Albanian kok derr thick headed / big head
Albanian nënë mother
Albanian Ta qifsha nanen Fuck Your Mother
Albanian T'qift dreqi nonen! The devil fucks your mom!
Albanian Qift qeni nonen! May the dog fuck your mom!
Albanian te hangert dreqi may the devil eat you
Albanian Ta qift bota nanen May world fuck your mother
Albanian hajde majmun come here you monkey
Algerian nik ymak fuck your mother
Algerian nik ommouk fuck your mother
Algerian naa'hachoun yemak your mother's damn vagina
Algerian Rass El Zebb Dick Head
Algerian tahhann you give your wife to others
Algerian nik ymack fuck you mother
Algerian Hatchoun yemak The pussy of your mother
Alien Heno Hoomans! Hello Humans!
Alsatian schtufe die schobert fucked in the asshole
Alternative curse words Son of a motherless goat Son of a bitch
Amazigh riffan Azedjif oumnyar Dickhead
Amazigh riffan Ahachoun n yemmach Your mother's pussy.
Amazigh riffan Ko Ymach Fuck Your Mother
Ambonesse Tulang puki e! Hey Pussy!
Ambonesse Kapala butu e! Dickhead!
American English Frotch/ Fire crotch Red head... (offensive)
American English calm yo titties calm the fuck down
American English Saluting the general Male masturbation
American English Bleeding the weasle Male urination
American English Pounding the meat Male masturbation
American English Shaking the dew off the lilly Male urination
American English Lady of the evening Prostitute
American English Apples from the Earth Fuck you
American English Flogging the meat Male masturbation
American English Beating the meat Male masturbation
American English Spanking the monkey Male masturbation
American English Donut hole puncher Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Choking the meat Male masturbation
American English Douche Bag idiot, dumbass
American English lets dock the clock to have sex
American English Riding the baloney pony Getting fucked
American English Choking the chicken Male masturbation
American English slob the knob suck dick
American English Purple Headed Yogurt Slinger Penis
American English Motherfucker suck on my hairy balls suck balls
American English giving head oral sex
American English Sturring the fudge anal sex
American English Pulling the pud Male masturbation
American English Shooting the wad Male ejaculation
American English Purple headed dragon Penis
American English Purple headed warrior Penis
American English mo fo muther fucka
American English flo tard a retard woman on her flow
American English Milf Mother i'd like to fuck
American English hood rat ghetto skank
American English booty warrior dude who will rape another mans ass
American English Willy the One-Eyed Wonder Worm Penis
American English Asshole Stupid/The hole in your bum
American English fucken dickhead An extremly,stuuuuuuupiid person
American English Gtfo Get The Fuck Out
American english Candyass Motherfucker Gay or Homosexual
American english Overbite! When pussy tastes like shit!
American english Drain the main vein Take a piss (male)
American military Alpha Mike Foxtrot Adios mother fucker.
American military Whiskey Tango Foxtrot What The Fuck
American military BOHICA bend over here it comes again
American sign language hold out your left hand away from your chest and skid your right hand over the left fuck off
American sign language Hold your right hand open, with your fingers together and your thumb folded into your palm ("B"). Ho Bitch
American sign language Waving an open hand on the side of your chin front to back (fingers cupped in a C form but your thum Whore, slut or prostitute
American sign language Waving an open hand on the side of your chin front to back (fingers cupped in a C form but your thum Dick
American sign language Form your hand like if you were holding a can of coca-cola. Look somebody in the eyes and shake the Wanna blow me?
American sign language Form your hand like if you were holding a can of coca-cola. Look somebody in the eyes and shake the Wanna blow me?
Amharic busheti Gay Person, Homo
Amharic kularas dickhead
Amharic Shermuta whore
Amharic enateh tebeda mother fucker
Amharic dingaye iras stonehead
Amharic Kitehen lebdaw Fuck your ass
Ammy kissimmee fuck your mother
Annoying cat Wheeow! Wheeow! Wheeow! Give me my fucking food!
Annoying cat Wheeeeeow! Shut up!
Ape Ouu Aaah Haaa Aaaaaa! Shut the fuck up
Ape Nancy mother fucking whore
Arabic abn balla't aleora your mother suck dicks
Arabic nikkabuk fuck your father
Arabic qalab wighek fuck off
Arabic yelan abo taarees immak (Palestinian slang) damn the bitchiness of your mother
Arabic ghati il face oo doos il race cover the face and fuck the base
Arabic neekni sahrawi fuck me in the ass
Arabic airy qalbak fuck your heart
Arabic zobbi be ommok my dick in your mother
Arabic wald il 16 son of 16 bitches
Arabic koos imek up my your mothers vagina
Arabic raas il zub dick head
Arabic kes en neck eighty go fuck your mother
Arabic yel'aan naik emak fuck the fucking of your momma
Arabic dakhlah killah push it all the way in
Arabic nela aboka fuck your father
Arabic Tabaarek Yadaak! Wish you stabbed by sphere!
Arabic El-Sheitan Alaykom! Satan be upon you!
Arabic Qusamak I fucked you're mother asshole.
Arabic nock nullah father fucker
Arabic Kus omak Your mothers pussy
Arabic Batroun A person who works in a brothel.
Arabic Dilla Dickhead
Arabic Kos abo Your Father's Pussy
Arabic jordanian ila an abu taaris ohtak screw your fathers sister
Arabic jordanian yena'an kusha ommak damn your mothers cunt
Arabic palestinian Kos omak ebn sharmota Fuck your mother son of a bitch
Arabic (aleppo) air b emmak el mfanda'a my dick in your hore mother
Arabic (aleppo) Iben El Mentakeh mother fucker
Arabic (aleppo) Telhas Ras Airi lick the top of my dick
Arabic (lebanese) Akhou El Sharmoota Brother of a bitch
Arabic (lebanese) bade naykak l fejle I will make you fuck the raddish
Arabic (lebanese) Malla ras eyr yaleh 3alek What a dick head you have
Arabic (lebanese) masaho wipe it (the dick)
Arabic (moroccan) kahba di omo Your mother is a whore
Arabic (moroccan) Akbar zamel ala wajh alard The biggest fagget
Arabic (moroccan) tabon dyemak fuck ur mother's pussy
Arabic (moroccan) tobon imak your mothers pussy
Arabic (moroccan) hwi muk fuck your mother
Arabic (moroccan) Mamsoukha Shemale
Arabic (moroccan) Mamsoukh Shemale
Arabic (moroccan) Sir tkawed Get the fuck out of here
Arabic (moroccan) Kbirt lkhab The queen of all bitches
Arabic (moroccan) Bertouche Fucking Place
Arabic (moroccan) Sir t'hwi kahbat mok Go Fuck your mother the bitch
Arabic (moroccan) zamel bok your father is a gay
Arabic (moroccan) Gahba d yemak your mother is a whore
Arabic (moroccan) Shaarat mook Your mother's pubic hair
Arabic (moroccan) nboul lik fi wajhek i'll piss over your face
Arabic (moroccan) nrsam lik tabone fwajhek i will draw a pussy on your face
Arabic (moroccan) Wydad Clubs of bitches
Arabic (syrian) Telhas ras airi Lick the head of my cock
Arabic (syrian) Kes Emmak your mothers vagina
Arabic (syrian) yel'an ekht yali khalafak bi ayree akit manyookee fuck the person that brought u here
Arabic (syrian) horia heaven whore
Arabic (syrian) dai'sh ia cheap whore
Arabic (syrian) Akhu el sharmuta Brother of a bitch
Arabic (tunisian) niklik omik mother fucker
Arabic (tunisian) Ommek malhet kbir Your mom is such a slut
Arabic (tunisian) sayeb zebi leave me the fuck alone
Arabic algerian na'a tiz ummak up your mother's ass
Arabic algerian ruh tqawwad go get fucked in the ass
Arabic algerian rass el sh'ham fat head
Arabic algerian fuck your mother's cunt nik souet mok
Arabic algerian nik souet mok fuck your mother's cunt
Arabic bahraini kes omok your mother's vagina
Arabic bahraini kus omok Pussy your mother
Arabic egyptian Kos Omak Mother Fucker
Arabic egyptian kos omak Your Mothers Pussy
Arabic egyptian Shufte Binta Show me the girl
Arabic egyptian Shufte Cos Show me the fanny
Arabic egyptian ya ibn el sarma your (mother/father) is an old shoe
Arabic egyptian yel'an deen omak curse on your mother's religion
Arabic iraqi abul eyora father of dicks
Arabic iraqi tfo ala kos omak a spit to your mothers pussy
Arabic iraqi ane chek fuck you
Arabic iraqi abn alkahba your mother is bitch
Arabic iraqi hey Berboog bitch
Arabic iraqi Abu ayoura Father of dicks
Arabic iraqi Cheb Shut up!
Arabic iraqi Mennuke Faggot who takes it up the ass
Arabic iraqi Nethell Bad boy
Arabic iraqi Um El Eyura Mother of all Dick Lovers
Arabic iraqi doom-boog il err The pounding of the dick
Arabic kuwait naych raask fucking your head
Arabic kuwait Airy fi rasak My dick on your head
Arabic kuwait a nagrik i'll finger you in the ass
Arabic kuwait Atsheer mukhik ill blow off your brains
Arabic kuwait ana neek rasak i will fuck your head
Arabic kuwait Kiss Wayhek Pussy Face
Arabic kuwait A'airy Eb Gathek My dick in your asshole
Arabic kuwait mishtaheek I'm sexually craving you (male)
Arabic libyan Ya A'andeen zak omek You motherfucker
Arabic palestine Kus Emakh your mother's cunt
Arabic palestine kos amk fuck your mother assult
Arabic palestine nikit immak I fucked your mother
Arabic palestine banik immak i will fuck your mother
Arabic palestine balaab ala imak ill fuck around with your mother
Arabic palestine akhu shlukeh brother of a whore
Arabic palestine Kod ras aerri Take the head of my dick
Arabic palestine Wilad el shawarig Children from the streets
Arabic syrian Yelan el kees hali khalakak Curse the pussy which made you
Arabic syrian bedi nik tiz emak l mamhoneh i wanna fuck you horny mother ass
Arabic syrian eri b rasak my dick in ur head
Arabic syrian akhu al manukeh brother of a slut
Arabic syrian omak mesasa your mother is a cock sucker
Arabic syrian ma3rasa brothel
Arabic syrian entak seflo he is fucked
Arabic syrian ya bokhesh you asshole
Arabic syrian ya mnashef spermless
Arabic syrian ya akho l mentakeh you brother of a fucked one
Arabic syrian airi be tizak fuck you in the ass
Arabic syrian Akho el Sharmootah brother of a bitch
Arabic syrian Kess Emak Your mother's pussy
Arabic syrian Ras Al-Air Dickhead
Argentina spanish La concha que me re pario The cunt who had a abortion
Argentina spanish Hijo de un camion lleno de putas Son of a truck full of bitches
Argentine Cabeza de pija Dickhead
Argentine Que lo pario She/he fucked up/what a fuckup
Argentine pajero wanker - he who masterbates
Argentine pelotudo asshole, (sickness of the balls)
Argentine La concha de tu madre ! Your mother´s cunt !
Argentine anda a la concha de tu madre go back to your mother's vagina
Argentinian La re concha de tu madre Your (very) mother's cunt
Argentinian La concha de tu hermana your sister's pussy
Argentinian suge mangile spunking all over there boobs
Argentinian Tragaleche Cum Swallower
Armenian Chent Idiot
Armenian kakes ger merakoun eat my shit mother fucker
Armenian Jaj tam glxit cum on your head
Armenian lureh eshookuloukh shut-up ass head
Armenian Qaqem glkhid / Քաքեմ գլխիդ I will shit on your head
Armenian Klris glookh / Կլրիս գլուխ Dickhead
Armenian esheg fucker
Armenian mayr koonadz mother fucker
Armenian mayr koonvadz mother fucker
Armenian mayr koonogh mother fucker
Asian accent Washu mai ka yu Bi che Wash my car you bitch
Asian accent Yu de du ti bi che youre a dirty bitch
Asian accent Bi che Bitch
Asian accent yu be mai bi che youre my bitch
Asian accent hee/shi isu a bi che he/she is a bitch
Asian accent Ma da pak ing ass horl Motherfucking asshole
Asian accent Goh bec tu yo swet shap ah Go back to the sweatshop
Assamese maak sudai mother fucker
Assamese baaperor konitu your father's dick
Assamese baaperor pukorkhon your father's asshole
Assamese guu kha mokkel eat shit dumbass/dickhead/shithead
Assamese ekka she duuka you peice of shit
Assamese Maksaai Mother Fucker
Assamese fifa ni lodoi penis of father
Assamese maka dingding mother's boobs
Assamese maka linglang mother's clitoris
Assamese Chet Dick
Assamese Pheda cheleka Cunt licker
Assamese Maaeror Boos, maksudai Your mother's cunt, motherfucker
Assamese Fuck Dang Fo! What the fuck!
Assamese Meeyarek Kohai Mother Sucker
Assamese Maaror bhumikhon kela Mothers pussy
Assamese Bushot tel diya Lubricating the vagina with oil
Assamese Maaeror fof khon your mother's pussy.
Assamise jahhanaame ja go to hell
Assyrian qotit nanokh your grandmothers pussy
Assyrian Eri go kotet yimmokh My dick in ur mothers pussy
Assyrian Silee Babookh I fucked your father
Assyrian alle dickhead
Assyrian theeza ass
Assyrian Era khoma qo theezat babokh Black cock in your dads ass
Assyrian Khool erat nanokh Eat your grandmothers cock
Assyrian Qitma Brishokh Ash On Your Head!!
Assyrian Manuke ib safha fucked on the side
Assyrian Nshuq theezee Kiss my ass
Assyrian Resh Bota Dickhead
Assyrian sill yemma mother fucker
Assyrian silli shermokh i fuck your ass
Assyrian Dreh Meelah Brehshookh Blue on your head
Assyrian Eri beekhalola She's eating my dick
Aussie bush Screw you, and the horse you rode in on. Don't like you or your big ideas.
Aussie slang She's about and sweet as a cat pissing down ur mums cunt Have u seen my hairy pussy
Aussie slang Go fuck your self with ur hairy bushed grandmothers g-string u anal rapping butt monkey How's ya family bro
Aussie slang Turd Burglar Another Shirt Lifter
Aussie slang g'day ya mad cunt hello my crazy mate
Australia Suck her shit to point and stab yourself to death with it She's a good sort
Australia A face only a mother could love Ugly person
Australian the family jewels male genitals/scrotum
Australian knock the top off it wank
Australian she's a grenade chick is so fat she bout to explode
Australian he's a walking head job he's short
Australian feed the snake blowjob
Australian heavy rocks heavy cocks
Australian put the dick on the barbie have a barbecque
Australian G'day Cock Features! Hello there unattractive person!
Australian I could eat the arse end out of a low flying duck. I'm hungry.
Australian Bowling from the pavilion end Homosexual man
Australian Poo-pusher homosexual man
Australian dickhead someone who is stupid
Australian barrack for the other team be a homosexual.
Australian Bury the bishop have sex.
Australian I'd rather drag my balls through broken glass than..... I am hesitant to do so
Australian Bangs like a dunny door on a prawn trawler Sheila who likes to root a lot.
Australian bumtoucher a man who touches rectums (gayman)
Australian root the bitch to have sex with a female
Australian carpet muncher lesbian
Australian Up the duff Pregnant (derogatory)
Australian It gives me the shits It annoys me
Australian How are ya, ya cunt! Hello, dear friend!
Australian A few roos loose in the top paddock crazy
Australian A face like a bucket of smashed crabs Unattractive person
Australian Letting the Aboriginals swim in the pool. Having a shit.
Australian Freeze the balls off a brass monkey Bloody cold
Australian Under the fuckin' thumb aye! Under a wife's control.
Australian Fucknuckle Dickhead
Australian Lick my salty piss Vagina and cock head
Australian he/she fell out the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down he/she's fucking ugly
Australian fuck nuckle minor dickhead
Australian oxy moron major dickhead
Australian Scratching your arse with a bowl full of spaghetti Useless
Australian Pushing shit uphill with a rubber fork on a hot day getting nowhere fast
Austrian Oaschgeign Dickhead (lit. ass violine)
Austrian Futschas a fart from the cunt
Austrian hau di übad heisa fuck off (or: leave me alone)
Austrian kannst du dich bitte schleichen could you please fuck off
Austrian Krocha Douchebag
Austrian harkra sakra mento darn the world
Austrian Wachbirn idiot (lit. soft head)
Austrian Sauschädl pighead
Austrian Gscheata Redneck
Austrian Geh scheissn! Fuck off! (lit. go take a dump)
Austrian Friss Scheie und krepier eat shit and die
Avatar: the legends of aang and korra just left the spirit world I really have to piss
Azerbaijani Sikimin bashy Dickhead
Azerbaijani Chalmagh To give head
Azerbaijani Faishe Slut
Azerbaijani Necheye chykhyrsan? How much for a night?
Azerbaijani Gyotyuve goyum Fuck you in the ass
Azerbaijani sokh ichive shut the fuck up.
Azerbaijani gijdillaq dickhead, motherfucker, bustard
Azerbaijani Terkereh bozi lagooten Beat the drum with your cock
Azeri peyser who's mother/sister/wife is whore
Azeri aftafa Ass washer
Azeri Sik başı dickhead
Azeri herif looser
Azeri cehennem ol get hell
Azeri Got Krushkasi Mug to wash the ass
Baby Waaaaah!! Bitches don't let me sleep
Bagri Jayee-chod Mother Fucker
Bagri Dhedh Low caste and low-Karma
Bagri Raaf cheer desun Slice your cheeks
Bagri Oh Mera Maalka/Hey Mera Saainyaan Oh my God
Bagri Dag She-Camel
Bagri Dagro-h He-Camel
Bahamian Ya mudda big pussy your mothers big vagina
Bahamian Carry Your Cunny Get the fuck out of here
Bahasa indonesia Mamak Kau Wanita Ber Kontol Your mother is a shemale
Bahasa melayu pukimak enkau your mothers pussy
Bahasa melayu Pegi Mampos ("pay-Ghee" "Mump-poss") Go & Die / go to hell
Bahasa melayu Puki mak your mother's cunt
Balinese Naskleng Dickhead
Balkanish russian Kya ti yebesh nayvishe? What are you fucking the most?
Baluchi Tai maataa man gaya I will fuck your mother
Baluchi keer sar dick head
Baluchi tay sar many gond yaka your head and my balls same
Baluchi Hosheaz no mind
Bangali Tor mar sawa kha Eat your mothers cum
Bangali Tor babar bichi fatabo I will crack your father's balls
Bangla Dhon khecha Masturbation (male)
Bangla Thor heta muka ath boridimu i will fist your cunt
Bangla Baal chhero Tear your ball hair
Bangla Tor maa ke chudi Fuck your mother
Bangla Vuuski magi Nymphomaniac in heat.
Bangla Shetar bal pubic hair of vagina
Barbadian Mudda cunt Your mothers pussy
Baseball Second base Petting over the clothes
Baseball Third base Petting under the clothes
Baseball In the dirt Anal sex
Baseball Inside the park homerun Sex with a kissing cousin
Baseball Strike one Fuck you, you muther fucker
Baseball Catcher Gay Male Butt
Baseball Catchers Glove Gay Male Butt
Basque Artaburu Stupid clown, douchebag
Batak Heang ho! You pussy!
Battlestar galactica Tiger Shroff Send help dumbass
Bavarian Sie Brunzkache, sie obislde You (are a) pissed Toilettile
Bavarian Du bisd doch z blaed zum scheissn! you are too stupid to shit.
Bavarian Dreegmatz stray bitch / dirty bitch on heat
Bavarian Kniabielser, elendiger pain in the ass
Bavarian Brunzkache Shitface (lit.: Piss tile)
Bekka Up lo zee porta putt bui Get the fuck out my seat!
Belarusan Idzi da duoy Go to the ass
Bemba Mpalange Sperm head
Bemba Chikamba ba wiso Your father’s foreskin
Bemba Dableeder nyoko Your mother‘s period blood
Bemba Satanyoko Your mother’s the devil
Bemba Ba noko Your mother
Bemba Ba wiso Your father
Bengali pagol sagol crazy sheep
Bengali Baba choda rendi Prostitute who fucks her father
Bengali to-mar ma hetta your mums pussy
Bengali mother chod mother fucker
Bengali tor maa ke chudi I'll fuck your Mother
Bengali hetta muka ath bori dimo i will fist you (pussy)
Bengali thumar futki marthum i want fuck you up the arse
Bengali thor hetta laythum i want to lick your pussy
Bengali dofla hetta fat pussy
Bengali hetta, bodha, shauwaa pussy
Bengali foon, foondh arse in Moulovibazar everywhere else means Pussy
Bengali bokachoda dickhead
Bengali chudir bhai brother of a whore
Bengali Baal Halaidheese Eat your pubic hair
Bengali khanki chudi magir gude poka insect on the pussy of whore
Bengali Moga choder bacha Mother fucker
Bengali Chudir Bhai Brother of slut
Bengali khankir chele son of prostitute
Betawinese Entot bool tuh cewek sampe berdarah-darah! Fuck her ass until bleeding!
Betawinese Emak loe pelacur Your mother is a whore
Betawinese Entot tuh bool pelacur! Sodomize the whore!
Bihari randikhana brothel
Bihari bapjeth elder than one's father
Bihari kiski maiyaa kutta biyayi whose mother birthed a dog
Bihari gaar maraye duniya fuck the world (thuglife)
Bihari bhethi boob
Bihari chhota chetan small penis
Bihari tori maiyaa ke chodu i fuck your mother
Bisaya Bilat sa imong ina (or bilatsimongina) Your mother's vagina
Bisaya putang-ina mother fucker
Bisaya iyota imong mama fuck your mother
Bisaya Yawa! The devil
Bisaya Pisti kang yawa'a ka Screw you, you fuckhead devil!
Black metal Brutal! That is the coolest shit ever!
Bodo Bima khoygra Mother fucker
Bodo Nwmani abu your mother's boob
Bodo Bimani fishai Mother's husband
Bodo Bima khoigra Mother fucker
Bodo Nwma shifa Your mother's vegina
Bosnian Nek jebe konju mater May he fucks horse's mother
Bosnian Jebem ti mamu na bananu I fuck your mother with banana
Bosnian Jebem li ti mrtvu majku I fuck your dead mother
Bosnian Jebem li ti krvavu majku I fuck your bloody mother
Bosnian Jebem ti punicu I fuck your mother in law
Bosnian Mami ti krajnike ispitam I inspect your mothers tonsils
Bosnian Jebem li ti onu majku I fuck that mother of yours
Bosnian Picka ti materina Your mother is a kilt
Bosnian seronja asshole / shithead
Bosnian jebo ti pas mater dog fucks your mother
Botswana(setswana) Mother fucker English
Botswana(setswana) Mosono wa ga mmago Your mothers pussy
Brainless katu toka rock head
Brazil Vai pro Inferno Go to hell
Brazil puta que pariu! fucking hell
Brazil Punheteiro Wanker
Brazil vai pro inferno go to hell
Brazil Maconheiro Weed addicted person
Brazil pau no cu dick in the ass
Brazilian portuguese vai tomar no cu go fuck yourself in the ass
Brazilian portuguese Que porra é essa? What the fuck?
Breaking baddish it's over when I say it's over I OWN your ass
Breaking baddish I am the one who knocks I'm your worst fucking nightmare.
Breoon Jeca-Jeca Stupid whore mother fucker
British cock cheese smegma
British Bloody hell/Hell Darn
British Did he bollocks! He certainly did not
British Play the five-fingered flute Wank
British Piss-Flaps Lips of the Vagina
British I'd rather snort my own cum No thanks
Brony Flying feather! Flying fuck!
Brony flank butt cheeks
Brony what entire nation what the fuck
Brony What the hay!? What the hell!?
Brony Hay yea! Hell yea!
Brony Hay Generically, heck/hell/etc.
Bruneian Talor (The baddest) Stupid
Bulgarian lizhi ciganska sperma govnarche lick gypsy sperm you shithead
Bulgarian shte ti go tura na babati im going to fuck your grandmother
Bulgarian Ä Fuck your mother!
Bulgarian Gori v ada Die in hell.
Bulgarian da ti eba maikata to fuck your mother
Bulgarian Lainar Shithead
Bulgarian da ti eba maikata v ustata fuck your mother in the mouth
Bulgarian ebi se v duza fuck your self in the ass
Bulgarian Da ti eba maikata I will Fuck your mother
Bulgarian maika ti da eba / da eba tvoita mama to fuck your mother
Bulgarian Da te eba v guza Fuck you in the ass
Bulgarian Govedo dumb, blockhead
Bulgarian na kutcheto v gaza in the dog's ass {far away}
Bulgarian na maika ti u putkata in your mother's cunt
Bulgarian da ti eba putkata maichina fuck your mother's pussy
Bulgarian Kurovi glavi dickheads
Bulgarian Az moa li ti eba putkata maichina? Can I fuck your mother's pussy?
Bulgarian lainar shithead
Bulgarian Huy spleskan! Crushed dick!
Bulgarian Da te eba v chervata I love your mum
Bulgarian Da ti eba maikata v gaza I'll fuck your mom in the butt
Bulgarian Cheren pedal Black faggot
Bulgarian na maika ti klitora your mother 's clit
Bulgarian Ebal sum te i si lyagam I fuck you then i go to sleep
Bulgarian Da ta eba w gaza, pederast Fuck you in the ass, gay
Bunny *scratches you and keeps attacking* Die !!!!!!!!!!!!
Bunny *scratches you* I told you to fuck off !!
Burmese Minn May Minn Lo' fuck ya own mother
Burmese Lee Gon Dick Head
Burmese maylo hello
Burmese Phay loe ma thar Father fucker
Burmese ngar min may ko loe chin tal I wanna fuck your mother
Calabrese N' culu a mammata Fuck your mother
Calabrese A puttana i to mamma Your mother bitch
Call of duty Bitch get back in the kitchen I have never touched a human boob
Call of duty FUCK YOU! Hello
Cambodian Ah Joy Mrai You mother fucker
Cambodian Mae Heng Your Mother
Canadian Christer Pain-in-the-ass (usually a kid)
Canadian wad or fuckwad. As in; he's a real wad/fuckwad/wad of shit, etc same meaning as as a fucktard
Canadian "Hoser" (see the movie Strange Brew) Loser, idiot, moron
Canadian you sheep fucker! (translation is literal)
Canadian I laughed so hard I nearly shat myself! It was very funny!
Canadian pissfuck poohead
Canadian Fall down fuck in the ass back stabber
Canadian Hammer head idiot
Canadian Snapper head Dick head
Canadian fuck head idiot
Canadian Fucking the dog Wasting time not doing work
Canarian sarpica! get the fuck off!!
Canarian tira milla get the fuck off!!
Cantonese Chak tou (柒頭) dick head
Cantonese figh cai Pathetic shit
Cantonese Diu lei lo mo fuck your mother
Cantonese Fei gei cheung Flatso (flat chested chick)
Cantonese Diu lei goh hai Fuck you in the cunt
Cantonese Diu lei low mow goh tsau fa hai Fuck your mom in the rotting cunt
Cantonese Chee lun seen Your fucking crazy
Cantonese lan tou dickhead
Cantonese mun huw lay go ma!!! fuck your mother!!!
Cantonese Dieu Lei Lo Mo Go fuck your mother
Cantonese Tsat Tao Dick head
Cantonese Ham Lung Suck the dick
Cantonese nimabi your mother's cunt
Cantonese Nia ma ka chau hai Your mother's stinky pussy
Cantonese Dil Lay Lo Mo Fuck your mother
Cantonese diu lay lo mo fuck your old mother
Cantonese Hoe sei ah nea gor bak chee! Go die you motherfucker!
Cantonese Kakha Ma Lo Se Ye, Eh Mai Gaid! Get the Fuck Out My Face, OHMYGOD!
Cantonese chuk sang dou but yu worse than the animals
Cantonese Sie Lan Thau dead cock head
Cantonese PK fall down the street, you prick
Cantonese tsat tou dickhead
Cantonese Do lei lo mo chau hai Go fuck your mother's smelly cunt
Cantonese Pok Gai Go die in the street
Cantonese gui t'ao dick head
Cantonese ham ga fu gwei curse your family's riches
Cantonese Jeng ga can Fight for the property
Car "Check Engine" light Fuck you
Car HONK HONK Move the fuck outta my way!
Cat Meow. Fuck you motherfucker!
Cat meow MEOW hiss get your dick off here
Cat meuowww!! get the fuck out of my face!
Cat just looks at you in contempt Bow down to me, bitches.
Cat Mrawr Get over here and fuck me
Catalan ets un messi you are a cheater
Catalan Ves a la merda Go to hell
Chakma Ma Choda Mother fucker
Chakma Ler ha/ ler hech Go eat nasty stuff
Chakma Mogoda The ultimate swear word
Chakma Madari! Fuck your mother!
Chaldean Masilana Mother Fucker
Chamorro da dale' educated in the art of fucking
Chamorro chada na nanmu your mother has bad eggs
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Que Razcon/a gat vos! What a bitche of you!
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Chinga vos nana Motherfucker/Fuck your mother
Chi kin sit an lok khe Shit !! / Oh fuck !!
Chi kin sit Anlackheee Mother fucking Genius Son of luck
Chichewa bhoro ya taate waako your fathers prick
Chichewa wopusa iwe you motherfucker, you asshole
Chicken Be be che!! Bitch!!
Chilean que chucha! what the fuck!
Chilean concha tu madre your mothers cunt
Chilean Pico Conchetumadre! Dick Motherfucker!
Chilean Webear Waste time or bother someone
Chinese 干你娘的屁眼(gan ni niang de pi yan) Fuck your mother's asshole
Chinese Ni shi shen jiing bing you are crazy
Chinese 你妈卖批 ni ma mai pi Your mum sells her pussy
Chinese Che Dan (³¶µ­) Fucking Nonsense
Chinese tou ni ma look down the one
Chinese qu si go to hell
Chinese ÂÌñ×Ó liu mao zi Cochold, cheated husband.
Chinese xia bi (shee-aah bee) cunt
Chinese che cong ma chin chin like my big penis
Chinese Diu Nei Lo Mo Fuck your mother
Chinese Ong Qin Xiang fuck your mother
Chinese WQNMLGB (我去你妈了个逼) fuck your mother's pussy
Chinese ni mama gei ren diao your mother fuck by someone else
Chinese Nao Sheng Chao Your brain grows grass
Chipian ahe fo me ito you monster!
Christian kid (Forgive me, lord) Get the heck away from me you sinner! Get fucked, you cum stain.
Chuuk Firininom Fuck your mother
Chuukese Firin Inomw your mother's vagina
Chuukese Machen Niwitum Your Pussy stinks
Chuukese Ochei Suniiii suck my dick
Colombian Masca Verga Cock Muncher
Cornish Kidge dhe vez fuck off
Costa rican Vayase al demonio Go to hell
Costa rican Hediondo Stinky
Counter strike fire in the hole cum to the pussy
Counter strike rush b rushing tunnels and lose the round
Cow Milking the bull You fuck your dad
Cow Moother Milker Mother fucker
Creole Salope chien lacou bitch dog from the street
Creole bouss liki shut the fuck up
Creole likimama mother's pussy
Creole kas liki sor ma break her mother's cunt
Creole braine lor to fron cum on ur forehead
Creole Amenn to manman mo coké Bring your mum, I'll fuck her
Creole (cape verdean) Cabeca ma biroti Dickhead
Creole (cape verdean) bu ma your mother
Creole (cape verdean) ba pa madra go to hell
Creole (cape verdean) ba fude bu ma go fuck your mother
Creole (cape verdean) creka bu ma your mother's pussy
Creole (cape verdean) crica de bo mãe your mother's pussy
Creole (cape verdean) Ba pa merda Go to hell
Creole (mauritian) ki languet mama what the fuck
Creole (mauritian) bousse to liki shut the fuck up
Creole (Mauritian) Tale liki la mem Rest your pussy here and stay
Creole (Mauritian) lagrain feletri withered balls
Creole (Mauritian) piti 2 papa son of two fathers
Creole (Mauritian) sounepapi your father's balls
Creole (Mauritian) sousse likisorma la suck the motherfucker
Creole (Mauritian) likitorma (you) ur mother's pussy
Creole (Mauritian) la tete coq penis head
Creole (Mauritian) Falour tor ma Mother fucker
Creole (Mauritian) Bobok Cheated man
Creole (Mauritian) caca dan couche shit in diapers
Creole (Mauritian) ratte caca crase lisien drunk mother fucker
Creole (Mauritian) Bousse impe to gran liki shut the fuck up
Creole (mauritian) Jawaheer Bitch
Creole (mauritian) Langetliki torma The clit of your mother's pussy
Creole (mauritian) to liki en saler your pussy is in heat
Creole (mauritian) Tête porno Porn head
Creole (seychelles) lanmans seo ou manman your mother's bucket handle
Creole (sierra leone) u mami im bombo your mother's pussy
Creole (sierra leone) You mami im toto Your mothers pussy
Creole haitian jebo te onaj ko te napravio may the one who made you fuck you
Creole haitian Ki kaka sa! What the fuck is that!
Creole haitian mafu to dayo shut the fuck up
Creole haitian lang boda mama your mother ass
Creole mauritian bouss to liki shut the fuck up!
Creole mauritian bour to maman fuck your mother
Croatia Idi do (100) ðavola!!! Go to the (100) devil!!!
Croatia Jebal te bik The bull will fuck you
Croatia Jebi si mater Fuck your mother
Croatian Jebem te u dupe I fuck you in the ass
Croatian Mrš u pičku materinu! Go to your mother's pussy!
Croatian Jebo ti pas mater! Dog will fuck your mother!
Croatian Vrag ti sriću odnija! May the Devil take away your luck!
Croatian Vrag ti sriću nosija! May the devil take away your luck!
Croatian jebeš me u zdrav mozak you fuck me in my healthy brain
Croatian Mama ti je kurva Your mother is a whore
Croatian Pas mater!! Dog mother! - literally
Croatian Jebo ti ja mater glupu I fuck your stupid mother
Croatian Pusi duvaj ovce cuvaj Suck Blow and gard your sheep
Croatian Mater te sahranila! May your mother bury you!
Croatian Rane te zaletile ljute! Heavy wounds be on you!
Croatian kurac od ovce dick of a sheep (useless, worthless)
Croatian Jebo ti vrag mater Devil fucked your mother.
Croatian Boli me kurac. My dick hurts. (said when you don't care about something)
Croatian (Idi) u trie pičke materine! (Go) to three of your mother's cunts!
Croatian (Idi) u pičku materinu! (Go) to your mother's cunt!
Croatian Jebo ti pas mater. Dog fucked your mother.
Croatian Jebem ti oca! I fuck your father!
Croatian Jebem ti mater! I fuck your mother!
Croatian Jebem ti mater u usta I fuck your mother in her mouth
Croatian Navući ću ti pičku preko glave. I'll stretch your cunt over your head.
Croatian Sranje Shit (when something go wrong)
Croatian Mars u picku materinu March to your mother's c**t
Croatian Jebo ti bog mater May the god fucks your mother
Croatian Djava ti glavu izija! May the devil eats your head!
Croatian Jebem ti mliko materino! I fuck your mother's milk!
Croatian Jebem ti cicu materinu! I fuck your mother's tit!
Croatian Djava te odnija! May the devil takes you!
Croatian Vrag ti sriću gunja! May the devil take your luck
Croatian jebo majku svoju u ćaćinom grobu fuck your mother in father's grave
Croatian Vrag ti kosti glodao May the Devil gnaw your bones
Croatian jebo te očinski otac your fatherly father has fucked you
Croatian Jebo ti Bog mrtvu majku. God fucked your dead mother.
Croatian jebo ti konj mater horse fucks your mother
Croatian kurbat turkish Imat muhe na duphje You have flies on your ass
Croatian, bosnian Jebo ti pas mater u pičku May dog fuck your mother in pussy
Croatian, serbian Jebem li ti mamicu I fuck your mother
Cuban pendaho dick head
Cuban cabeza de pinga dickhead
Cuban La resinga de tu madre Your fucked mother
Cuban Me cago en tu madre I shit on your mother
Cumbria slang al punch ya in ya neb punch you in the noise
Cybertronian scrap crap, hell, damn, shit, fuck
Cypriot Gamo ton shisto pou se pitise I fuck the pussy that squirted you
Cypriot ntambu sto thkiaolo what the hell
Cypriot N a se pari o thkiaolos may the devil take you
Cypriot gamw tin kelle sou fuck your head
Cypriot kkerata cheated husbant
Cypriot skato kkelle shit head
Cypriot ashello mpoukkoti suck balls
Cypriot shesmene you are shiting on you
Cypriot GAMO TIN MANA SU I fuck your mother
Cypriot Pezevegki Someone who is being cheated on
Cypriot gamo to senior fuck the system
Cypriot Θκιάολε μαύρε / Thkiaole mavre Dark hell
Czech peehat the act of fucking
Czech biezh do haaye! go to hell
Danish bolle din mor fuck your mother
Danish Din mor your mother
Danish For helvede God damn it. (lit. to hell)
Danish Sut røv, pikhoved. suck ass, dickhead.
Danish Slik omkring mit pikhovede Lick around my Dickhead
Danish Osteged Cheesegoat
Danish Jeg knepper din mor! I´ll fuck your mother!
Danish Pikhoved! Dickhead!
Danish Din mor er en luder You mother is a bitch
Danish Din mor er en luder! Your mother is a whore!
Danish Brian Skinhead
Danish Jylland Hell
Danish Hold din kæft , din fucking hund! Shut the fuck up , you fucking dog!
Dari (farsi) Kuss Modar Mother Fucker
Dari (Farsi) chocheh sag child of a dog
Dari (Farsi) madar gai mother fucker
Dari (farsi) Mesleh kerre kharr Like the donkey's cock
Dari (farsi) Fahesha Whore
Darija Hwi mok Fuck your mother
Dhivehi Kaley Amaa Fada boe suck ur mothers Vagaina
Dhivehi heesi dick
Dhivehi heesi boa cock sucker!
Dhivehi Test Ahem
Dhivehi fada boe thilhen you drink cum
Dhivehi thilhen you (extremely offensive)
Dhivehi Anhenkulhi Lesbian
Dhivehi dheybe amma thalhan go fuck your mother
Dhivehi Dhilley havadhe jehiya Spice your pussy
Dick language Squirt Squirt Suck my dick You Mother FUCKER
Disney princess mirror mirror on the wall fuck you! im the fucking hore
Disney princess oh brother fuck me harder
Disney princess Ah, coconuts suck them tits
Disney princess here we go im gonna cum
Disney princess off with their heads fuck them all
Disney princess let it go leave me the fuck alone whore
Disney princess Hey cutie want to pollinate with a real bug%3F Do you want to sex a real man%3F
Disney princess Hey cutie want to pollinate with a real bug? Do you want to sex a real man?
Dog Ruff Your mother likes it rough
Dog Wooo-oooof The hell you say!
Dog Shits in your bed Fuck you AND your mother
Dominica lang susune mamaw suck your mother
Dominican singa tu madre mama guevo fuck your mother, faget
Dominican traga leche cum swallower
Dominican tu maldita madre your fucking mother
Dominican mahmaw? (When said to a prostitute) Can I get a blowjob?
Donkey Heee Hooo Bitch
Donkey hooo heee hoooo ahhhhh go fuck yourself
Donkey heee hooo neigh Your mother is a horse
Dota Potangina Mo Fuck your mother.
Dragon ball z Kamehameha fuck her right in the pussy
Duck Quack quack Fuck your mother, cunt
Duck qwack (bow head) fuck you ... wanker
Duck Quack Quack,Quackery Quack fuck you, mother fucker
Dutch Dombo Stupidhead
Dutch Je moeder! Your mother!
Dutch Eikel, Dick head!
Dutch Goedkope teringslet Cheap slut
Dutch ga naar je moer! Fuck off (lit. Go to your mother)
Dutch Goedkope hoer Cheap whore
Dutch Je kunt me de kont kussen You can kiss the arse
Dutch jij bent een vieze schapen neuker. You're a dirty sheep fucker.
Dutch Brand in de hell Burn in hell
Dutch Ik neuk jou kanker moeder i will fuck your mother
Dutch (holland or belgium) Hou je fokking bek! Shut the fuck up
Dutch (holland or belgium) Lul (tegen een persoon) bastard (when swearing at a person)
Dutch (holland or belgium) schele crosseyed
Dutch (holland or belgium) Tyfkanker een eind op Walk to hell
Dutch (street slang) Junta Crackhead
Dutch (street slang) Your head is really big Je edde is omin biggie
Dutch (street slang) Klennie Crackhead
Dutch Groningen, Netherlands) 'k kees dien mamme. I fuck your mother.
Dutch, belgian dialect zak douchebag
Ebonics he be workin' he is currently employed
Ebonics he workin' he is currently at work
Ebonics who be dat? who is there?
El salvadorian grencho ghetto guy
Emarati Ks omch Ur mothers pussy
England Bloody Hell shit, damn, etc.
England rug muncher lesbian
England tit head idiot
England milf mother id like to fuck
England Suck your mum Fuck your mother
England Phallus Face Dickhead
English your heads lit you have lost your mind
English douchebag bitch
English Poopuncher gay guy
English Arrogant, Gum-chewing fat cunt American (man)
English Purple-headed womb ferret Penis
English fucktwat Douchebag egotistical moron
English rusty bullethole a redheads anus
English spin one off her chin ejaculate in a girls face
English gobble the helmet spit eats ejaculation
English balls slapping against her chin hard oral sex
English bopping the bologna male masturbation
English snapping the carrot male masturbation
English beating the meat male masturbation
English palming the pearl female masturbation
English sloshing the bedpost female masturbation
English playing hide the bologna having sex
English Colder than a witches titty in a brass bra its freezing
English Cum Dumpster Say it to the slut of the group .
English Carpet muncher Lesbian
English Yo Hey You
English shit on my chest you filthy fucking whore!
English Butter Face Everything but her face
English i want to fuck the shit out of you creole
English mentak fucked in the ass (for boys )
English No shit sherlock This is self evident
English henwa de cockna you are a cock face
English kir baba you father is a dickhead
English jebem ti mater i fuck your mother
English huj zesrany Dick Head
English mor di gow mother is a whore
English You look really sexy when you do that
English I want you to touch me here...
English You have the most amazing hands!
English lint licker heiry pussy licker
English You knobcheese (pronounced nob cheese) You are the cheese on someones cock
English shaatdapne father of pubic hair
English Rump ranger Another name for a gay persom
English WTF??? WHAT THE FUCK???
English Spank the Monkey To masturbate
English Cock muncher Sucking cocks
English Breeder A heterosexual person
English Cretinous cunting fuckhead A very bad person
English He likes Richard He likes dick; homosexual
English He loves Richard He loves dick; homosexual
English He's a Richard He's a dick
English She's a Richard She's a dick
English She is a Richard She is a dick
English He is a Richard He is a dick
English Richard cranium Dick head
English Richard head Dick head
English Pandi unn kunji la addi Tamilan who fuck his mother
English You wonkerfuckerprickhead You dirty prickwonker
English dipshit idiot, moron, douchebag
English Hell Heck
English Let your ding dong dangle deep down in my dookie dugout fuck me in the ass
English The bullshit cluber You are bullshit
English When are we going to fuck?
English Fuck me in the ass you motherfucking pussy. Suck my dick asshole.
English stop the cap stop fucking lying
English Willie the one Eyed PurpleHeaded Monster Penis
English WTF-What the fuck I donno
English Dickhead
Engrish fak yoouh mozah fuck your mother
Esperanto iru inferen go to hell
Estonian minge põrgu go to hell
Estonian Lappa kotte Browse the balls
Estonian Kepi oma ema Fuck your mother
Estonian trapea dick head
Estonian mine prgu! go to hell!
Estonian sitapea shit head
Estonian Mida vittu What the fuck
Estonian tyrapea dickhead
European American Vernacular English Bust your melon Punch you in the head
European American Vernacular English Your momma Fuck your mother, fuck you
European American Vernacular English Towel Head Indian person
European American Vernacular English Heritage, not hate Heritage of hate
Evu'enian Azhongwaik zyue! Unaccomplishedly proud moron!
Fag tok Nej mama! (nay mah'.mah) Your mother!
Fag tok Uchera (oo.chay'.rah) Lezbo, dyke.
Fag tok a Bezhal ! Go to Hell! Fuck off!
Farci Mathar cus Mother's pussy
Faroese Mamma tín er ein helvitis hora Your mom is a fucking whore
Faroese Helvitis mogghøvd Fucking fuckhead
Faroese Heitasta hulasta helviti! hottest deepest pits of hell!
Faroese Helvitis spassari Fucking moron
Faroese Helvitis reyvarhol Fucking asshole
Faroese fær av helviti til Fuck off
Faroese Mogg høvd Fuck head
Faroese Far til helvitis Go to hell
Faroese Helvitis horubarn You damn child of a whore
Farscape Hezmata Hell
Farscape Yotz Hell
Farsi kuss madar your mother,s pussy
Farsi Madar Gjende or Madar Ghende your mother is a bitch/hore
Farsi kiri dickhead
Farsi kos naneh mother fucker
Farsi kiram too bachegiyaat fuck your childhood
Farsi bachebaz child abuser
Farsi tofkar spits on ass when he fucks
Farsi nane kose your mother is a bitch
Farsi Kiram too kosseh naanaat My dick in your mother's pussy
Farsi Madar Jendeh Mother Fucker
Farsi Madar Ghahbe Mother Fucker
Farsi maadar jendeh mother whore
Farsi koonet laghe your ass is loose
Farsi gohe sag dog shit
Farsi kos nane kherse ghotbi fuck the mother of polar bear
Farsi kir koon kalle dickhead
Farsi arabe dayus arabs pimp their wives
Farsi Goozoo Fart head
Farsi Nane kir dozdet Your mother is a dick robber
Farsi gaiidamet , ridam behet , laanat behet , kose nanat fuck you
Farsi Khar hezar kir Your sister has thousand dick
Farsi Migdidi Cheap ass
Farsi Kosseh sher Bullshit
Feral cat MAOOWWRRRRR REEERRRRRRR Back the fuck up, you prick.
Fiji hindi Madhar chod Mother fucker
Fiji hindi teri maichod go fuk you're mother
Fijian Maqai Tamamu Fuck your father
Fijian Magai Chinana mother fucker
Fijian Cici Kadre Stretched arsehole
Fijian Drau veicai Fuck each other
Fijian Caiti era Fuck them
Fijian Daru Pini Mada Lets Fuck Each Other
Filipino 'tang ina mo you're mother's a whore
Filipino Putang Ina Mo! Your mother's a whore!
Filipino Puki ng ina mo Your mother's pussy
Filipino Putang ina Your mother is a whore,bitch,slut
Filipino puta ang nanay mo your mother is a whore
Filipino Putang ina mo Mother fucker
Filipino Tangina mo Mother Fucker
Filipino leche Damn it!
Finnish Kusipää Asshole (lit. pisshead)
Finnish Painu Helvettin! Go to hell!
Finnish Vitun mulkku! Fucking dickhead!
Finnish Paskapää Shithead
Finnish Munapää Dickhead
Finnish Tunge pää perseesees! Stick your head up your ass!
Finnish Painu vittuun täältä! Get the fuck out of here!
Finnish Nuole mutsis likaista pillua. Lick your mothers dirty cunt.
Finnish vitun kusipää fucking pisshead
Finnish Mä haluun panna sua kovaa perseeseen. I wanna fuck you hard in the ass.
Finnish kusipaeae pisshead
Finnish helvetti hell
Finnish Ime äitis nussimaa kyrpää Suck the dick that fucked mother
Finnish Hevon vittu Horse´s cunt
Finnish Mee hervantaan Go to hell
Finnish Paskap Shit head
Finnish Mita vittua? What the fuck?(lit. Fucking what?)
Finnish toivottavasti itisi kuolee sypn i hope your mother dies of cancer
Finnish vitun hemuli fucking hemuli (a moomin character)
Firefly Fong luh Loopy in the head
Firefly Gwai-gwai long duh dong What the hell
Firefly jien huo cheap floozy
Firefly Jien tah-duh guay! Like hell!
Firefly Ta ma de! Nimen de bizui! Everybody shut the hell up!
Firefly Shun-sheng duh gao-wahn! Holy testicle Tuesday!
Firefly Tah mah duh hwoon dahn Mother humping son of a bitch
Firefly Tee wuh duh pee-goo Kick me in the bottom
Firefly Tah-shr suo-yo dee-yure duh biao-tze duh mah! Whores in hell!
Firefly guay hell
Firefly Shee-niou Cow sucking
Flemish (belgium) Tettekop Idiot (lit. boobs head)
Flemish (belgium) Uw bakkes shut the fuck up
Flemish (belgium) een dool a douchebag
Flemish (Belgium) u moeder is een hoer your mother is a whore
Flemish (belgium) gie soepkieken(ghent) you soup chicken (idiot)
Flemish (belgium) ge kunse kussn you can kiss them (my/your balls)
Flemish (belgium) Schijt omhoog en kopt hem Shit upwards and head-butt it
Fnaf animatronic Stare Into The Camera I'm coming for you
Foochow Sa Ni Neh Fuck your mother
Football (american) Between the uprights Breasts or crouch
Football (american) Hit The Showers Wash Your Gay Ass
Football (american) Hit The Shower Room Wash Your Gay Ass For Gay Sex
Football (american) Hit The Locker Room Let's Have Gay Sex
Football (american) Hitting The Locker Room Gay Sex With Gay Athlete
Football (american) Bleacher Side Entertainment Gay Sex With Football Player
Football (american) Cheer Boy Gay Submissive Man
Football (american) Squeezing Out The Lemonade Athlete Pissing
Football (american) Squeezing Out The Grapefruitade Athlete Pissing
Football (american) Squeezing Out The Grapefruit Juice Athlete Pissing
Football (american) Squeezing Out The Lemon Juice Athlete Pissing
Football (american) Jock Helmet Condom For Male Athletes
Football (american) Jock Cheeks Male Football Players Butt
Fortnite He has a SCAR We're fucked
Fortnite We will win this Just shut the fuck up
Fortnite He has a grappler He gonna fuck us in the ass
Francais (quebec) va te faire enculer go fuck yourself up the ass
Francais (quebec) Stephen Harper Greased asshole
Francais (quebec) decaliss Get the fuck out
Francais (quebec) met la dans ta bouche put it in your mouth
Francais (quebec) Qu'esser qu'tu calice l ? What the fuck are you doing?
French Vous sentez comme le boeuf et le fromage You smell like beef and cheese
French Lache-moi la grappe Get the fuck away from me
French J'ai baisé ta mère I just fucked your mother
French Il est stupide He is stupid
French Brûle en enfer Burn in hell
French Va te faire enculer chez les Grecs Go get fucked in the ass by Greeks
French leche ma chat lick my pussy
French Ta mere suce des bites en enfer Your mother sucks cock in hell
French Enculer une mouche go fuck a fly
French tu mangeras le tas you can eat the pile
French maudite vache asshole/bitch/etc
French vas faire foutre a la vache go fuck a cow.
French Nique ta mère Screw your mother
French C'est quoi ce bordel ? What the fuck ?
French Casse-toi pauvre con ! Get outta here poor idiot !
French Ferme ta gueule/Ta gueule quand je parle ! Shut up when I speak !
French Putain t'es moche ! You're fucking ugly !
French ferme ta putain de gueule, connard shut the fuck up, bitch
French je pis dans ta bouche i pis in your mouth
French je chiee dans le chatte de ta mere i shit in your mothers vagina
French Va niquer ta mère Go fuck your mother
French acadian(chiac) grosse crisse de vache big fat cow
French acadian(chiac) va su le djabe go to hell
French acadian(chiac) Suceu d'poche Cock Sucker
French acadian(chiac) Vache Sale Dirty Cunt
French acadian(chiac) Foure toi les dans l'chu Fuck yourself in the ass
French acadian(chiac) Ta mere Your mother
French acadian(chiac) J'foure ta mere I fuck your mother
French-acadian(chiac) Mange ma fourche Eat my genitals
French-acadian(chiac) Pousseu d'crotte Shit pusher
French-acadian(chiac) Liche mon sac a balle Lick my balls
Frog kokak croak your mother will die soon
Frog REEEEEE I will fuck your mother.
Fujianese nu kok ccc go to hell
Gaelic ceann cac shithead
Gaelic Sasanach ithean cac English eat shit
Galician tata yeezda pizda, mama yeezda hoy father eats pussy, mamma sucks dick
Galician shlak be de be trafia the road to hell is paved
Galician Me cago na cona que te botou I shit on the cunt that spewed you
Galician Cabeza de nabo Dick head
Galician Anda que che den pelo cu Go get fucked in the ass
Gay Hey Boys! Let's fuck, boys!
Geek Smeg head. Shit head.
Geek Γαμώ τη μάνα σου I fuck your mother
Geek skata k'aposkata shit and of the shit's
Georgian dedasheni movtyane gushin! i fucked ur mom yesterday!
Georgian cadi shen kuchis kalo fuck off you street whore!
Georgian sheni dedis muteli momitgnia! I fucked your mom's pussy!
Georgian Cadi Sheni Go Fuck Yourself
Georgian tavkle Dickhead
Georgian "Sheni deda movtkan, shen dedas shevetsi" I fucked your mother
Georgian dedaze adre motynulo fucked before mother
Georgian shen xar Tim i you are very admin
Georgian dedis mutelze dagajvam i'll shit on your mother's vagina
Georgian ro movjva shecham? if i'll shit, will u eat it?
Georgian klistava dickhead
Georgian შენი დედამოვტყა& Fuck Your Mother
Georgian Chemi Kle Mocuce suck my dick
Georgian Sheni dedis panchari movtyan Fuck your mothers's pub hear
German der teufel wird los sein the shit's going to hit the fan
German Verdammte Scheiße! Shit! Dammit!
German Geh zum Teufel Go to hell (Lit. Go to the devil)
German Kackbratze Shithead (lit. Face full of Shit)
German Scheiße shit/crap
German Deine Mutter schwitzt beim Kacken Your mother sweats when she shits
German Arschgeige dickhead (lit. ass violin)
German ich fick deine mutter i fuck ur mother
German Fick deine Mutter Fuck your mother
German der abschaum der menschlichen gesellschaft the scum of the earth
German fahr zur holle go to hell
German der schwanzlutscher cock sucker
German Mutterficker Motherfucker
German Ich will dass du mich hier anfasst... I want you to touch me here...
German Du kannst mit mir machen was du willst. You can have me any way you want
German Du siehst so sexy aus wenn du das tust. You look really sexy when you do that
German Schwanzlutscher Cocksucker
German Wichser wanker (motherfucker)
German Scheissen To shit
German der Teufel the devil
German die Scheiße shit
German Sheisse Shit
German scheissekopf shithead
German Arschgesicht Assface (Butthead)
German Du Weichei! you sissy (lit. "soft egg")
German zur Holle mit dir to hell with you
German Scheißhaus Shithouse
German Mieser Stricher bad male prostitute
German Dummkopf Stupid head
German Das ist mir scheißegal I don't give a fuck
German Muterfiker Mother Fucker
German Ich ficke deine Mutter I fuck your mother
German Dein Hund soll deinen Vater ficken Your dog must fuck your father
German Dein Hund soll deine Mutter ficken Your dog must fuck your mother
German steig auf diese Hoden! get on these nuts!
German Halt die Fresse Shut the fuck up
German Geh ein schwanz lutschen Go suck a dick
German Ess Scheisse eat shit
German Unwaschen ficken Jude Dirty fucking Jew
German Halt de fick klappe Shut the fuck up
German Ess Scheisse und stirb Eat Shit and die
German Nutle Hooker, Die (the) Nutle (Hooker)
German Du musst selbstmord begehen! You must kill yourself!
German sie sind das essen und wir sind die jäger when you fight a bitch say this
German friss Scheisse eat shit
German swiss bern dialect Schafsecku sheep's testicle
Gilaki Mara man bega mother fucker
Goat (with mouth closed and slowly opening) Mmmmmuuueeeeeee ill bash your fucking head in mate
Gorani ti jebem dada vo picka fuck your mother's pussy
Greek Vlima stupid (head is an empty shell)
Greek tis manas sou o kolos your mother's ass
Greek Gamw to mouni pou se petage I fuck the cunt that threw you
Greek gamo to mouni tis manas sou fuck your mothers pussy
Greek i mana sou ine putana Your mother is a whore
Greek tsa-tsa the chief of the bitches
Greek pa na gamy-thees go fuck yourself
Greek na sou sheso sta moutra (cyprus dialect) i'll shit on your face
Greek ti mana sou (cyprus dialect) fuck your mother
Greek ayde hesou go shit on yourself
Greek bouxhesa fat bitch
Greek tzimbouki headjob
Greek ade sto diaolo go to hell
Greek Su gamo ti mana I fuck your mother
Greek As to thialo Go to hell
Greek nupidio tis kinonias wanker of the world
Greek Skopianos Dickhead
Greek Yamo to mouni pou se petage fuck your mother's pussy
Greek gamo to munie tis manas su (γαμω το μουνι (I) Fuck your mother's pussy
Greek erre es korakas go to the cows!
Greek Sto Thialo go to hell
Greek Gamw ten psyche su I fuck your soul
Greek papara dickhead
Greek Γλείψε το δεξί μου αρχίδι (Glypse to dexee mu archeedee) Lick my right ball
Greek ουτάνας γιέ! Son of the bitch!
Greek Tis manas sou ti mouni Fuck your mother's pussy
Greek syop the scum of society
Greek i mana sou en se xeri even your mother doesnt know you
Greek shezo marapelles scared the shit out of me
Greek pontic Εγαμέθες - Egamethes You got screwed
Greek pontic Σκυλ' παιδί - Shkill pethee (th as in "the") Child of a dog
Greek pontic Δέβολον γεννημασέα - thévolon (th as in "the") yennimasea Son of the devil
Guarani aña rako peguare the devil's cunt
Guitarian Twang Hi there
Guitarian twang twanggggggg Hey there, sexy.
Gujarati tari ma ni putti your mother's vagiana
Gujarati maajaddha mother fucker
Gujarati Halki Raand na Son of a cheap prostitute
Gujarati Taro baap tane chadeche your dad fucks you
Gujarati tari mai ni gand your mother's ass
Gujarati tari ma no poplo your mothers dick
Gujarati Madachod Mother Fucker
Gujarati Jhadhino! Dickhead!
Gujarati madachod mother fucker
Gujarati Ghel Chodyo Crazy
Gujarati Dheela Lund Ni Olaad Product of a loose penis
Gujarati Tari maa ne chodu Will fuck you mother
Gujarati bhenchod sister fucker
Gujarati Tusat Sheep shagger
Gujarati Taari ma parasevo tya-reh e tuti kareh che! Your mom sweats when she shits!
Gujarati Ghelchoydi Moron (Girl)
Gujarati Tara baap ni gaan Your fathers ass
Gujarati Manik dickhead
Gujarati Eapen dickhead
Gujarati Tari maa na babla chusu Let me lick your mother's boobs
Guyanese Scunt, or Motha Scunt your mother's cunt
Guyanese yah mutha scunt your mother's a pussy
Guyanese yah mutha pokey your mother's a horse
Guyanese Carry yuh muda kunt Carry you mother pokey
Gypsy kudav ce di day im gonna fuck ur mother
Gypsy lav chea dah ando car i take your mother on my dick
Gypsy guav cha dha fuck your mother (goo-av- cha daa)
Haitian creole suse gheghe your gay
Haitian Creole Langet manman-w Mother fucker
Haitian Creole malpwopte u dirty motherfucker
Haitian creole Ghet Maron ou Fuck your godmother
Haitian creole Ghet Mamao Fuck your mother
Hakka chew hai smelly cunt
Hakka Diao Nga Mi Tji Pet ! Fuck your mother cunt !
Halari balad the son of cow
Halari kimse hello
Harry potter Bloody hell! Wow/shit (depends on context)
Haryanvi Domesaks danso danlo motar! mother fucking pussy licker
Haryanvi Bhen ke dine You are your Sister's Balls
Hausa Ka ci gusu uwarka Fuck your mother pussy
Hausa Ka ci uwarka Fuck your mother
Hausa Ubanka ya ci uwarsa Fuck your your father's mother
Hausa Bura ubanka Your father's dick
Hausa Durin uwarka Your mothers pussy
Hawaiian po'o 'opae shit head (lit. shrimp head)
Hawaiian po'o nui arrogant (lit. big headed)
Hawaiian waiu oluheluhe saggy tits
Hawaiian heu fuzz, pubes
Hawaiian heu lalo fuzz, pubes
Hawaiian po'o 'olohaka numskull (lit. empty head)
Hebrew Kuss ima shel'cha Your mothers vegina
Hebrew ima shelha mozzezzet li your mom suck me
Hebrew ya ben shel zona you son of a bitch
Hebrew Ima shelcha meta your mother died
Hebrew Ya ben shel kah-ba You son of a whore
Hebrew Leh Timzoz La'Apiphior Go suck the pope's dick
Hebrew Yah pin noteph ziva You Gonorrhea dripping penis
Hebrew Dafuk barosh fucked up in the head
Hebrew Kalba Bitch (when addressing a woman)
Hebrew noshech kariot bites pillows( takes it up the ass)
Hebrew Tisaref B' Azazel Burn In Hell
Hebrew rosh tahat ass head
Hebrew o'chel batachat takes it in the ass
Hebrew Ku-se-mak Your Mother's Vagina
Hebrew ochel batachat takes it up the ass
Hebrew lakek et hatahat sheli lick my ass
Hebrew ohel hara shit-eater
Hebrew Ohel ba tachat you are gay
Hebrew Ima Shelcha Matzetza Li Etmol Your mom sucked my dick yesterday
Hebrew She Elohim Yikach Otcha Kvar!! That god will take you already!
Hebrew lech hapes et haverim shelcha basivuv go and look for friends
Hebrew zai'n ba'ain a dick in the eye
Hebrew ata al hazain sheli you
Hebrew ben elef zonot son of a thousand bitches
Hebrew leh tezayen et aba shelha go and fuck your dad
Hebrew Savta shel-ha mefa-geret your grandma is retarded
Hebrew Leh tezayen et ima shelcha Go fuck your mother
Hebrew Safta shelca Your grandma
Hessian Muschkopp; Futtkopp Cunthead
Hindi Jhat lahergaya pleasant feelings in public hair
Hindi Teri Chute Mai Chuglee There's an itch in your pussy
Hindi teri maa ka bhosra your mother`s cunt
Hindi bhen ke lode maa chuda sister's dick go fuck ur mom
Hindi randi ke bacche whore's son
Hindi tere maa ka bur your mothers pussy
Hindi Dheeli Choot Loose Cunt
Hindi maa-cho mother fucker
Hindi Meri ghand ka baal You are the hair on my ass
Hindi Chopre he randi Shut up whore!
Hindi Madar Chod Mother Fucker!!
Hindi Mai Chod Mother Fucker
Hindi teri maa ki chut your mother's cunt
Hindi Baap ke lavde Penis of father
Hindi gaand maar bhen chod bang ure ass you sister fucker
Hindi maa ki chut mother vagina
Hindi teri maa ki choot me kutte ka lavda dogs penis in your mother's vagina
Hindi Bhai Chhod bhayee chod Brother Fucker
Hindi Bhen Chhod bhaynchod Sister Fucker
Hindi mahder chod mother fucker
Hindi madarchood mother fucker
Hindi Madarchod ke Aulaad Son of a MotherFucker
Hindi Bhen ke lode Cock of sister
Hindi Teri maa ke bhosade ke baal Your mother pussy's hair
Hindi teri behen ka bhosda faadu i will tear off ur sis pussy
Hindi teri gand mai ghadhe ka lund donkey's dick in ur ass
Hindi Lund Khajoor Dickhead
Hindi Teri Maa ki choot your mother's pussy
Hindi Mader chod Mother Fucker
Hindi Delhi Pussy of father
Hindi bhadva chodika mother fucker admin
Hindi Teri maaki gaand Your mothers ass
Hindi amma ki chut mothers pussy
Hindi Teri maa ke bable your mother's boobs
Hindi Behen ke Laude You sister's dick!
Hindi Kuthta buraanahe kandaa nahi pattaahe sinhala
Hindi Tu Tera Maa ka Lauda You are your mother's dick
Hindi lodu dick head
Hindi SuZit Shemale
Hindi teri ma bahar chud rahi he your mom's getting fucked outside
Hindi teri maa ki choot your mothers pussy
Hindi Lund ke ghee Clarified butter of the dick
Hindi Maa ki Behenchod Mother's sister fucker
Hindi Saale Maaderchod hey! you mother fucker
Hindi Teri ma ki chut me meri tatti my shit in your mother's vagina
Hindi you madar chod benchod you mother fucker sister fucker
Hindi Tere Baap Ka Bhosda Your Fathers pussy
Hindi to the teri maa makichoos he you and your mom are very cheap
Hindi teri bhen nu lassi pilawa teri bhen ko cum pilawo
Hmong ntsej muag tuag! face die! (meaning go to hell)
Hmong phev dev dog's cum
Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Shut the Fuck Up!!!
Hokkien Lui mak tiao lo Your mom jumped off the roof
Hokkien He nao shrimp brain
Hokkien He bin shrimp face
Hokkien pu bor mother fucker
Hokkien Si peh Dead father
Hokkien Pak chiu cheng masturbate, to wank
Hokkien Kan Ni Na Bu Chao Chee By Fuck your mother smelly pussy
Hokkien Chee Bai Bin Pussy face
Hokkien Chao Chee Bai smelly pussy
Hokkien Chee Bye Pussy
Hokkien Ka Ni Lao Beh Fuck Your Father
Hokkien Ka Ni Na Fuck Your mother
Hokkien Ni Na Bu Your Fucking Mother
Hokkien Cheeby Pussy
Hokkien Puah Chee Bye Broken Vagina
Hokkien Kan Ni Na Bu Chao Chee Bye Fuck your mothers smelly pussy
Hokkien Lim peh you father
Hokkien Chee Hong Gia Bastard
Hokkien CheeBai Cunt
Hokkien khee hor lang kan go get fucked
Hokkien chee bai kia fucking bastard
Hokkien chee bai gong fucking daft (idiot)
Hokkien chui cheng kia wanker
Hokkien goo thau beh bin cow head horse face (fugly)
Hokkien chao chee bye smelly pussy
Hokkien Chee bai mo Cunt Hair
Hood dialect Bussin it Doing her good
Horse neigh hee hoo Your mother is a donkey
Horse Neiighh Huff get the fuck off my back
Human resources Not eligible for rehire (S)he fucked up BIG TIME on the job
Hungarian tok feju dick head
Hungarian a tetves kurva anyad! your lousy bitch mother!
Hungarian Pöcs Douche
Hungarian Pöcsfej Douchebag
Hungarian bazd szájba a jó kurva anyád fuck your mother in the mouth
Hungarian a mocskos kurva életbe fuck the dirty whore life
Hungarian Baromarcú faszfej Cattle-face dickhead
Hungarian huzd bele a faszod anyadba stick your dick in your mother
Hungarian Taposd a drogo(s)t Smash the drugg(ie)
Hungarian Anyád picsája! Your mother's cunt!
Hungarian Apád fasza! Your father's dick!
Hungarian Baszd szajba az anyadat! Fuck your mother in the mouth!
Hungarian Seggbekuki Get fucked by the ass
Hungarian Szarjál sünt You may shit a hedgehog
Hungarian Anyád sírja Your mother's grave
Hungarian Rühes Rabied
Hungarian Hígfos "Washed shit"
Hungarian Cicageci The sperm of the cat
Hungarian A macska sperma The sperm of the cat
Iban Butoh apai dik Your father dick
Iban Pukindai your mother cunt / pussy
Ibo Otu nne gi Your mother's cunt!
Icelandic Farðu til Helvítis Go to Hell
Icelandic Farðu til Anskotans Go to the Devil
Icelandic Modur ridill Mother fucker
Icelandic Hoppadu upp i rassgatid a ther! Go jump up your ass
Icelandic Fokkadu ther Go fuck yourself
Icelandic Frussdrullandi apa-eysta diarrhea shitting monkey ball
Icelandic djfull svitnar mamma n egar hn sktur your mother sweats when she shits
Ilocano (philippines) yot ni inam mother fucker
Ilocano (philippines) Luk dit mo You dickhead
Ilocos saan ka nakatira where do you live?
Ilong ggo (hiligayon) Ang nanay mo dambuhala nga biga-on Your mother is an obese whore!
Ilong ggo (hiligayon) Ang tatay mo nga hubog! Your father is drunk!!
Ilonggo Namit gali Fucked in the alley
Ilonggo (hiligaynon) Itot ta ang nanay mo! Fuck your mother!
Ilonggo (hiligaynon) Yo de puter! Euphemised "Son of a bitch"
Immature kid Poopoohead An idiot
India miye log madharchod true mother fuckers
Indian sandha pela the big fucker
Indian Madarchod Mother Fucker
Indian Teri maa ke handle mein pandle marun. Ride your mother with my dick.
Indian Teri maa chod dunga I'll fuck your mother
Indian teri behen ki choot your sister's ass
Indian ullu de pathe son of owl
Indian ma ki aankh mother's eye
Indian Chuche Nipples
Indian , kannada Saak thika muchappa Shut the fuck up
Indian , kannada Mukli muchkondu kutko Cover your ass and shut the fuck up
Indonesian lonte mother of bitches
Indonesian Hantam lobang kencingnya! Fuck her hardly!
Indonesian Emak loe perek! Your mother is a whore!
Indonesian otak udang prawn brain (shit in the brain)
Indonesian perek murahan cheap whore
Indonesian goblok idiot (harsher than blo'on)
Indonesian Palkon Dickhead
Indonesian heunceut vagina
Indonesian Nyame your mother's cunt
Iranian مادر جنده mother fucker
Iranian Haroom zaadeh Son of the bitch
Iranian Kose naneh Mother fucker
Iranian nanato sag gaiid dog fuck your mother
Iranian sikaram ARVAD OOSHAGHIVE I will fuck your mother and son
Irish Go hifreann leat! Go to hell!
Irish gaelic Ifreann na Fola bloody hell
Irish gaelic Dun do Bheal shut your mouth
Irish gaelic Go h-ifreann leat (singular; to more than one person: Go h-ifreann libh) Go to hell
Irish gaelic Tá tú glan as do mheabhair You're crazy!
Irish gaelic Go hIfreann leat! Go to hell!
Italian Che cazzo What the fuck
Italian Vai all'inferno go to hell
Italian Che palle What balls
Italian Testa di minchia Dickhead
Italian i coglioni the balls
Italian testa di cazzo dick head
Italian Porca troia Fucking hell
Italian Testa di cazzo Dickhead
Italian Mannaggia tua Damn, Hell
Italian Che te pozzino ammazzà ! You shall be butchered!
Italian mafankulo mother fucker
Italian shit im a dickhead shit im a dickhead
Italian A fanabla! Go to hell!
Italian nessuno mi unfungulo nobody fucks me in the ass
Italian Manache! Oh Hell!
Italian porco Dio God the pig
Italian Intro culo di mammata Up your mother's ass
Italian cazzo Madre di Dio Fucking mother of god
Italian santo cazzo Madre di Cristo Holy fucking mother of Christ
Italian Porco Dio / Porco Iddio (Blasphemy) literally: "Pig God"
Italian Che ti morisse la madre / la mamma You mother / mom should be dead.
Italian Vai al inferno go to hell
Italian Ti violento i nipoti I rape your nephews
Italian Tu ma' piscia in piedi Your mother urinate while standing
Italian ir budello di tu ma' your mother's a whore
Italian Curnut! Your partner is cheating on you
Jail house Drop the Soap bend over
Jamaican pum pum cheese cheesy vaginal discharge
Jamaican ah fish dat he's gay (gay man/gayboy)
Jamaican fyah fi u burn in hell
Jamaican rhattid hell
Japanese hentai yarou you pervert
Japanese Che' Damn!
Japanese Neboken Ja-Neyo Get Your Head Out Off Your Ass
Japanese Kusot-tare Shithead, You shithead.
Japanese Jiguko e ike kono ama! Go to hell you bitch!
Japanese Pervert Hentai
Japanese Jigoku e ike! Go to hell!
Japanese "seshe, speruma" Sperm
Japanese ki sa ma (k-sama) Mother Fucker!
Japanese kuso heddo shit head
Japanese Hage (Hage atama) Bald (Bald head)
Japanese Ecchi Other word for sex or pervet
Javanese Itil'e mbokmu Your mother's pussy
Javanese Jancok! Ayune arek iku! (for males) Damn! She is really pretty!
Javanese Kampret! Hell to you!
Javanese Ndasmu peyok Malfunction head
Javanese kontol ngacheng erected dick
Javanese Mbokne Ancok! MOTHER FUCKER!
Javanese mlebuo neroko wae go to hell
Jedi I am your father I fucked your mum
Jersey shore Cabs r here! The taxis have arrived
Jersey shore Meatball LITTLE MOTHERFUCKER
Jersey shore Hey Fuck you
Jiggumsmash "This shit stinky" Hey, what time is it?
Jive bish yu ain gowt jive(?) thuh fug yu shei nuguh?
Juggalo fuck the world fuck it all and all you bitches
Kabyle Qewwed Get the fuck out of here
Kabyle Nik yemmakh fuck your mother
Kabyle Hetchoun yemmakh your mum's Pussy
Kabyle Ahetchoun Pussy
Kabyle Abbouche Penis
Kabyle in3el hetchoun yemmak fuck your mother
Kaeshir Chotmya majh mott goud I will cut your mothers fat pussy
Kannada nimmavun tullge nayi thunne aaka let dog fuck you mother
Kannada Ninna mokke nan makLu uchche huyya May my kids piss on your face
Kannada ammanakeya fuck ur mother
Kannada nanna helu tinnu baa my shit
Kannada naanu munde neene hinde attu i fuck her pussy u fuck her ass
Kannada tunnian cheepu lick my cock
Kannada tullana cheepu lick my cunt
Kannada Nin Hendruna kaiya fuck your wife
Kannada ninna amma na keya fuck your mother
Kannada ninna ayenna keyya i fuck your father
Kannada nin hendra tika nayi mari keya let dog fuck your wife's ass
Kannada nin yendran keydi aur amman keya fuck your wife and later her mother
Kannada Nin Ayyan Ur Father
Kannada namman fuck your mother
Kannada Thika hodi juice kudi Smack the ass and drink the shit
Kannada Nin appan kundyag naayi tunni Dogs cock in your father's ass
Kapampangan (pampanga) alang cuenta! you are useless/ douchebag
Kapampangan (pampanga) puta nayda mo you're mother is a whore
Karen Weah Ner Moh Lee Fuck Your MOther
Karen Na moe lii Your mother pussy
Kashmiri Lazmaiye Mael Sinze Kori Fuck your fathers daughter
Kashmiri babbe kache chatai i will cut ur bra
Kashmiri maeji guudh mother's pusseehh
Kashmiri maeji lyaath mother's dick
Kashmiri tche che baji bab you have big tits
Kashmiri duniyah che khap this world is waste
Kashmiri maaji lakhai i will fuck your mother
Kashmiri bh lakhai che i will fuck you
Kashmiri maelis lakhai i will fuck your father
Kashmiri sa here tok mi haijla stupid bitch
Kashmiri Momri Kalle Dickhead
Kashmiri mambre kalle penis head
Kashmiri lyathee kale dickhead
Kashmiri Ha kole madarchoda Hey you motherfucker
Kashmiri che chui mazze lakhnas You are so delicious while Fucking
Kashmiri Mye kya zok kadkhe you can't even pluck my pubic hair
Kashmiri khape chraethe to fucking
Kashmiri lyath kal dick head
Kashmiri Kucher Dick
Kashmiri Choti travi marchevangan I will put chilly in Ur ass
Kashmiri Dagaddalli maa de bacheio Prostitute son
Kashmiri Hahra My wife brother
Kazakh Sheshenin umy! Mom's cunt
Kazakh Kotagimdy zhe! Suck my dick!
Kazakh Kotagimdy zhe Suck my dick! Fuck off
Kazakh Enengning patagy [pæ- tu-gi] Have your good mother's cunt
Kazakh Kotagymdy zhe, ambas Eat my fuck, pussyhead
Kazakh Emshegindy zhulamin I'll disroot your boobies
Kazakh Amshelek immense and deep cunt
Kazakh "Bar, sheshendi sik" Go fuck your mom
Kazakh "Bokti zhe, urgashi" Eat shit, bitch
Kazakh "Bog zhep, ol" Eat shit and die
Kazakh (shymkent) sheshessss or sheshen sigiyin go fuck your mother
Kazakh (shymkent) Sheshennin amindi sigein fuck your mother
Kazakh(center) Ketshe Kotak Go away, you prick!
Kazakh(center) Ket shei kotakka fuck off you slut
Kazakh(center) Kotak Bas Dick Head
Kesporene (kasperian) ITE JYEKNPYA FIHGIT PORANMNA I Fucked your mother
Kesporene (kasperian) Y' PIUTGIH / FRAIT Y' PIUTGIH Shut up! Shut the fuck up!
Kesporene (kasperian) KAVAKTEEN Y' LTV XAVEDEGRA M' ! Die & go to hell!
Kesporene (kasperian) VNHE Whore
Kesporene (kasperian) MIHE IHAK GYACOU NH Suck my big dick
Khasi khem buin grab tits
Khmer Choi mai vi'eh Fuck your mother
Khmer Ah Choi Mai You Motherfucker
Kirundi nyoko your mother
Kirundi swera nyoko fuck your mother
Kiswahili Kuma nina your mother's cunt
Kiswahili Kumamayo Mother fucker
Kiswahili Shenzi Idiot
Kiswahili Hanithi Gay man who is the reciever
Kiswahili Babako Your father
Kiswahili Ntakufirwa I'll fuck you up the ass
Klingon toDSaH general epithet, insult
Klingon petaQ general epithet, insult
Klingon taHqeq general epithet, insult
Klingon yIntagh general epithet, insult
Klingon Qovpatlh general epithet, insult
Klingon hab sosli' Quch your mother has a smooth forehead
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Persian Cheh gohei khordie?/Chie goftie? What the fuck you say?
Persian Ridam to saret I shat on your head.
Persian (farsi) khwar o madari ta gaiam fuck your sister and mother
Persian (farsi) mameet kerakoor ee ners jaj ktam i will jizz in your mothers food
Persian (Farsi) neghal more than 1 father
Persian (Farsi) taa tah bokon too put it inside me to the end ( put it deep inside )
Persian (Farsi) ahai duffy-ie sexy hey sexy chick [hottie]
Persian (Farsi) Madar jendeh Your mother is a whore
Persian (Farsi) ann ru sar et shit on your head
Persian (farsi) avazi ashghale bishoore kesafat mother fuckin bitch
Persian (farsi) kos tosaret pussy on your head
Persian (farsi) Atabaki Funny mustache
Persian (farsi) be roohe pedaret miridam I shit on your father's soul
Persian (farsi) Madar sag Your mother is dog
Persian(farsi) Shaholahi Mother fucker
Persian(farsi) Reedam Be Heykalet I shat on your whole body
Peruvian Reconche tu mare weon! Mother Fucker Asshole !
Philipino Puke ng nanay mo Pussy of your mother
Philipino Puke ng ina mo Pussy of your mother
Phone piip piip piiiiiiiiip fuck your mother
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Plattdeutsch verpflucht der Larsche damn your ass!
Pnar Dahbei Mother Fucker
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Pohnpeian Moangen Semomw Your dad's head (disrespectful)
Pokemon Hey Officer Jenny Hot bitch
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Pokemon Hey Nurse Joy Slut
Pokemon You Mr. Mime You ugly mother fucker (to males)
Pokemon Hey Brock Male Slut
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