How to say M-am zaibit! in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
(kwalian dialect) Jeben ti boga magarac May God fuck your donkey
(pashto) Lewanai stupid/crazy - female
(pashto) Lewanaya stupid/crazy - Male
(pashto) sta mor kuss your mothers pussy
70s black sikky bich hot asshole(woman)
70s black Make kau dog Your mother black
70s black u look like a gal' you are homosexual
70s black Wassup my nigga Hi
80s nob jockey gay (men)
80s Rad man That's cool. i like it.
80s Mother chode Faggot
80s Mo Fo Mother fucker
Aboriginal yolungu boii your mums fat ass
Aboriginal Whoom Ba Ba Hoya I will never support myself
Aboriginal White Munga White Cunt
Aboriginal Munga Cunt
Aboriginal Dick whisel Suck my dick
Aboriginal muckso gun big ass
Adi Nok might de hol ! Your dick
Adi eki might ! Dog's dick !
Adi ngok might em yaktola ! Suck my dick !
Adi yaktola ! Suck my dick !
Adi Nok might ! Your dick
Afghan Kose khowaret kerim my dick in ur moms pussy
Afghan kus modar mother fucker
Afghan Koss Chomlok Wrinkley Vagina
Afghan Koss Ganda Contaminated Vagina
Afghan Khampalak Doggystyle
Afghan Shakhh Shakhh Kosset mekonam Ill fuck ur pussy hard hard
Afghan Kerim da Koonet Tanget My dick in ur tight anus hole
Afghan Kerim da Basta Khanadanet Ill fuck your whole family
Afghan Pashm Pubes
Afghan Morda Gaow Pimp/whore
Afghan Khaya gom Deep dick
Afghan Kirom da danet My dick in your mouth
Afghan Kerim de koonet My dick in your ass
Afghan kus bebet grandmas pussy
African American Vernacular English Mufuca i aint know iss you I did not know it was/is you
African American Vernacular English Hoe get on the D and suck! Fuck me
African American Vernacular English Nut Semen or vaginal ejaculation
African American Vernacular English Blow your back out To have amazing sex
African American Vernacular English Asian niggas Asian men, only Oriental.
African American Vernacular English Fix it make me orgasm through your mouth
African American Vernacular English Bust a nut orgasm
African American Vernacular English Hyena A cheap, loose or ignorant woman
African American Vernacular English M.O.B. Member of the Bloods gang
African American Vernacular English Little black boy .357 magnum
African American Vernacular English Nina Nine milimeter pistol
African American Vernacular English Albinos White Americans
African American Vernacular English Devils White Americans
African American Vernacular English Oh, my bad I didn't know it was you
African American Vernacular English Fuck Boy A male wimp.
African American Vernacular English Let me hit Fuck me
Afrikaans ma-naaier mother fucker
Afrikaans Jou saat sokkie You cum sock
Afrikaans jou ma se poes your mothers cunt
Afrikaans Gat gabba Homosexual
Afrikaans kom ons stoot come we fuck
Afrikaans you are a uncle fucker jy is n oom naaier
Afrikaans Mal Fok Mad Fuck
Afrikaans moerskont mothers puss
Afrikaans Fok my soos n porn stere Fuck me like a porn star
Afrikaans steek dit in jou fokken vet hol jou moer stick it in your fucking ass
Afrikaans Your ma se poes your mothers vagina
Afrikaans you ma se poes your mothers cunt
Afrikaans Jou ma se bloed poes Your mothers' bloody cunt
Afrikaans mank genaaide bergbok disfiguredly fucked mountain goat
Afrikaans jy is mal you are crazy
Afrikaans Tietkop a man with no hair (nipple head)
Afrikaans Gaan kak op jou ma se poes! Go shit on your mother's pussy
Afrikaans Jou ma se bloed poes! Your mom's bloody clut!
Afrikaans Lek my bloed poes Lick my bloody cunt
Afrikaans jou ma se skimil stink poes Your mother's pusie stinky cunt
Afrikaans Gaan vat 'n skommel Go jerk off
Afrikaans Om vel te klap. To masturbate.
Afrikaans Om te kots. To vomit.
Afrikaans Mal vark! You crazy pig!
Afrikaans Suig my piel. Suck my dick.
Afrikaans Jou stink poes! You Smelly cunt!
Afrikaans Jou bliksem! You bastard!
Afrikaans Jou ma se poes! Your mother's cunt!
Afrikaans Jou dom stuk kak! You stupid piece of shit!
Afrikaans Gaan naai jou Ma Go fuck your mother
Afrikaans Gaan Pluk jou riem! Go and jerk off!
Afrikaans Moffie Gay
Afrikaans gaan klim terug in jou ma se poes go climb back in your mothers cunt
Afrikaans Ek gee nie 'n moer om nie I don't care a damn
Afrikaans slym sloot slime slit (pussy)
Afrikaans Jou ma se poes Your mother's pussy
Afrikaans Stink Gat Smelly ass
Afrikaans Kompos Stamper GAY
Afrikaans blerrie Damm
Afrikaans ag jou hol man! Oh! thats bullshit
Afrikaans gaan naai 'n boom Go fuck a tree
Afrikaans Fok die kak , Ek loop Fuck this shit, im leaving
Afrikaans jou sluimsloot bewonderaar you Pussy hacker
Afrikaans masapiel mom's Penis
Afrikaans jy is n moeraspadda you are a swamp frog.
Afrikaans jy is n damduiker. you are a asshole
Afrikaans Jou ma se bloedpoes Your mother's bloody clit
Afrikaans jou mase stink poes your mothers stinky pussy
Afrikaans poes you ma en pa doos fuck you you ass fuck
Afrikaans Loop naai! Go fuck! (yourself is implied)
Afrikaans jou ma se chit stink your mothers cape clit stinks
Afrikaans jou woers gemors your sperm
Afrikaans ek gan jou klap men ñ nat piel im gonna smack u with a wet dick
Afrikaans Jou ma se Poes Your mothers fannie
Afrikaans jou pa se stink vuil poes your father smelly dirty puss
Afrikaans Gorrel my spyt kak Gargle my diarrhea
Afrikaans mod soka mother fucker
Afrikaans luna sexy female
Afrikaans Jou ma se ertjie perdjie pit poes Your mother's pea horse pit pussy
Afrikaans Godverdoem Goddamn
Afrikaans Tikkop Meth Head
Afrikaans Jou piel migiel your dick slick
Afrikaans Jou ma se moer Your mother's cunt
Afrikaans Bliksem! Damn it! (lit lightning)
Albanian Ta qifsha fëfërdakin e nonës May I fuck your mother's rim
Albanian a m’ha mutin eat my shit
Albanian Nanajote ehankarin Your mother eats cock
Albanian ta qifsha pythin e nans fuck ur mothers vagina
Albanian ta qifsha nanen ne pidh kari fuck your mother you dick
Albanian Të qifsha robt fuck your family
Albanian nënë mother
Albanian Ta qifsha nanen Fuck Your Mother
Albanian kurvar manwhore
Albanian S'ma Ni Kari I don't give a shit!
Albanian te qifsha motren i will fuck your sister
Albanian Ha Mut Eat Shit
Albanian Ma qifsh karin! (Albanian-Kosovo) May you fuck my dick!
Albanian swag i am a cat
Albanian trap dumbass
Albanian M'qifsh Karin! Fuck my dick!
Albanian Ta Qifsha Qeni Nanen Dog Fuck Your Mum
Albanian Allahu Akbar Suck my ass
Albanian Simge Your dads a shopkeeper
Albanian T'qift dreqi nonen! The devil fucks your mom!
Albanian Qift qeni nonen! May the dog fuck your mom!
Albanian Mut Shit
Albanian Te qifsha pidhin e mamit I'll fuck your mom's pussy
Albanian te hangert dreqi may the devil eat you
Albanian ta qift zoti nanen may god fuck your mom
Albanian bakti nasty animal
Albanian Mi rrofsh bolet kiss/suck/eat my balls
Albanian Ta qift bota nanen May world fuck your mother
Albanian rrac qir fucked family
Algerian Nikmok Fuck your mom
Algerian Kerfa Passive gay man
Algerian dayer ki zabi you'r like my dick
Algerian nik ymak fuck your mother
Algerian nik ommouk fuck your mother
Algerian 'attaï passive gay man
Algerian naa'hachoun yemak your mother's damn vagina
Algerian Naadine Rabbak God Damn You
Algerian nakch passive gay man
Algerian nik ymack fuck you mother
Algerian naqsh passive gay man
Algerian rani skhouun ki narrr im so horny
Algerian mok kahba your mom is a bitch
Algerian wjah zebi Face of my dick
Algerian Nik souwet mok Go fuck your mom's pussy
Algerian Yedek fi zebi Your hands in my dick
Algerian Hatchoun yemak The pussy of your mother
Algerian Terma Ass
Algerian Kchour e terma Ass peelings
Alien @#$@#( fuck you human!!
Alien ayy lmao Fuck
Alien Heno Hoomans! Hello Humans!
Alien Primitian Primitive creature.
Alsatian lèck-mi-am-arsch Lick my ass
Alternative curse words Son of a motherless goat Son of a bitch
Alternative curse words Gosh Darnit! God Damn it!
Alternative curse words Shiitake Mushrooms Shit
Alternative curse words Bump that fuck that
Amazigh riffan Azedjif oumnyar Dickhead
Amazigh riffan Ahachoun n yemmach Your mother's pussy.
Amazigh riffan Akach zmayeth Suck it!
Amazigh riffan Oumnyar Damkran Big Dick
Amazigh riffan Abouhari (Male) - Tabouharcht (Female) Crazy / Retard
Amazigh riffan Akawad Pimp
Amazigh riffan Khsagh Achmakor I Wanna Fuck You
Amazigh riffan A Mis N Tkahbacht You Son Of Bitch
Amazigh riffan Zamar Gay
Amazigh riffan Ko Ymach Fuck Your Mother
American Mysteron An unpleasant or wrongful person
American (louisiana creole) cuhon dumb
American English Poo poo Manure / feces
American English Doo doo Manure / feces
American English HAM WALLET Vagina
American English Peeing Male or female urination
American English calm yo titties calm the fuck down
American English Whiz Male or female urination
American English Saluting the general Male masturbation
American English Whizzing Male or female urination
American English TTQ Woman with large breasts
American English Back door, basement butt slut Someone who engages in anal sex
American English Meat Penis
American English Meat Curtain Vagina
American English you dumb ass you dumb ass
American English Pissing Male or female urination
American English Eating out Performing oral sex on a woman
American English Bleeding the weasle Male urination
American English Split tail Woman
American English Pounding the meat Male masturbation
American English Taking a leak Male urination
American English Shaking the dew off the lilly Male urination
American English crap Manure / feces
American English Whore Prostitute or promiscuous women
American English Slut Prostitute or promiscuous women
American English Taking a whiz Male or female urination
American English Apples from the Earth Fuck you
American English I'll be fucked To be amazed
American English Taking a piss Male or female urination
American English Ta ta queen Woman with large breasts
American English Shit I don't believe what you told me
American English Cocksucker Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English DDQ Woman with large breasts
American English Flogging the meat Male masturbation
American English Beating the meat Male masturbation
American English Spanking the monkey Male masturbation
American English Horse Shit I don't believe what you told me
American English Ass rover Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Rump rider Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Donut hole puncher Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Ass ranger Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Choking the meat Male masturbation
American English Douche Bag idiot, dumbass
American English Shit licker Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Choking the chicken Male masturbation
American English Motherfucker suck on my hairy balls suck balls
American English Faggot Female Ass Grabber Grabbing On Tits
American English pie hole mouth
American English dick breath mean person, jerk
American English mudflaps pussy lips
American English Dumb Shit A stupid person
American English beating that meat masterbating my cock
American English Muff pie Pussy
American English Bearded clam Pussy
American English basement butt slut basement butt slut
American English Pole dancer Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Dick licker Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Muffin Vigina
American English Pulling the pud Male masturbation
American English Shooting the wad Male ejaculation
American English Jacking off Male masturbation
American English One-eyed monster Penis
American English Mystery meat Penis
American English Fist fucker Male masturbation
American English Fingering Female masterbation
American English Brick shithouse Beautiful woman
American English mo fo muther fucka
American English Is it *that* time of month? are you on your period?
American English Dumbass An idiot
American English nimrod dumbass
American English flo tard a retard woman on her flow
American English smd suck my dick
American English Milf Mother i'd like to fuck
American English pecker snot sperm, ejaculate, cum
American English sexican sexy mexican
American English milk bags breasts
American English milk jugs breasts
American English hoochie mama sleezy girl
American English toss my salad eat my asshole
American English booty warrior dude who will rape another mans ass
American English cock block keep someone from getting sex
American English cock sucker someone who sucks penis or a jerk
American English nincumpoop dumb person
American English Willy the One-Eyed Wonder Worm Penis
American English Throat Yogurt semen
American English Cunt badger Someone that is a Badger of cunt
American English voldemort's nipple shut up
American English go to tartarus scram
American English Pussy Cream Pie Cum in your pussy
American English Asshole Stupid/The hole in your bum
American English Animal shit Animal poo
American English fucken dickhead An extremly,stuuuuuuupiid person
American English Fuck me food i am hungry
American English Your a magikarp Your a useless piece of shit
American English ooh Squirtle I am Cumming
American english wallaby means anything you want to be
American english Ass Pirate Derogatory name for a homosexual
American english Candyass Motherfucker Gay or Homosexual
American english MANWHORE A man who uses women only for sex
American english Bubblegum Dumdum lookin ass fucking twat Dumb fat pussy
American english rim job licking a butt hole
American english Mr winky penis
American english Drain the main vein Take a piss (male)
American military Alpha Mike Foxtrot Adios mother fucker.
American military Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo Yankee Oscar Uniform Fuck You
American military Snafu Situation normal ... all fucked up
American military Figmo Fuck it, I've Got My Orders
American military BOHICA bend over here it comes again
American military Wook/ Wookie female marine
American military Mary jane rotten crotch Some floozy with a smelly vagina
American sign language hold out your left hand away from your chest and skid your right hand over the left fuck off
American sign language Make your right hand into a fist with your thumb sticking out and pointing upwards (as if giving som Shit
American sign language Hold your right hand open, with your fingers together and your thumb folded into your palm ("B"). Ho Bitch
American sign language Lift hand up and put all fingers down except your middle finger. Fuck you
American sign language Waving an open hand on the side of your chin front to back (fingers cupped in a C form but your thum Whore, slut or prostitute
American sign language Waving an open hand on the side of your chin front to back (fingers cupped in a C form but your thum Dick
American sign language Form a D handshape tapping your nose Dick
American sign language Form your hand like if you were holding a can of coca-cola. Look somebody in the eyes and shake the Wanna blow me?
American sign language Form your hand like if you were holding a can of coca-cola. Look somebody in the eyes and shake the Wanna blow me?
Amharic Kuletam fuck addicted
Amharic Bidatam Fucker
Amharic enatehin libdat let me fuck your mom!
Amharic busheti Gay Person, Homo
Amharic tebeda ena mut get fucked and die
Amharic gimatam stinky
Amharic aram you shitter
Amharic Assama pig
Amharic Shermuta whore
Amharic enateh tebeda mother fucker
Amharic yenatih emis your mom's pussy
Amharic Yeboka ems Dirty pussy
Amharic ye ems kemal pussy insect
Amharic ye ems til pussy worm
Amharic yegema ems Stinky pussy
Ammy Bacon Give me your penis
Ammy kissimmee fuck your mother
Anish Dumme luder ko Stupid whore cow
Annoying cat Wheeow! Wheeow! Wheeow! Give me my fucking food!
Annoying cat Rizzy Always down for a threesome
Annoying cat Raaaaaaaa. Do you expect me to be impressed?
Annoying cat meow meow meowmeow go fuck yourself
Ape Oooohhh hoooooooHOOOO!!! Im horny!
Ape Nancy mother fucking whore
Ape ooga booga your mom gay
Ape Aaaaa Ooo Ooo Ill Beat You With A Broom Stick
Arabic jamalick cil jahash lick my donkey
Arabic hoi mouk fuck your mom
Arabic waa abooy oh my dad
Arabic yaa raabi oh my god
Arabic kosma yara i swear blood
Arabic beef strokie meat sucker
Arabic abn balla't aleora your mother suck dicks
Arabic cos omak maafina Your mums pussy is dirty
Arabic moss zabri suck my dick (lebanese)
Arabic kol zabri eat my cock
Arabic rkab ayre ride my cock
Arabic bedi fawit eyri bi tizik i wanna put my cock in your ass
Arabic bedi nik bzez emak i wanna fuck your mom's tits
Arabic moss eyri suck my dick
Arabic wald il zinaa Illegitimate child
Arabic baydati fik my balls in you
Arabic kus ummak your mom's pussy
Arabic aneek ummak i ll fuck your mom
Arabic Sambool Dick
Arabic Kus okhtish (for a girl Omani) Your sisters pussy
Arabic bous tize kiss my ass
Arabic ya aars you pimp
Arabic yelan abo taarees immak (Palestinian slang) damn the bitchiness of your mother
Arabic yelan abo taareesak (Palestinian slang) damn your bitchiness
Arabic bah-shi rejlee fee teezak(Palestinians slang) I put my leg in your ass
Arabic bah-shi rejlee fee teez imak(Palestinians slang) I put my leg in your mom's ass
Arabic bashokh alaa imak(Palestinians slang) I piss on your mom
Arabic taa' mos(Palestinians slang) come and suck
Arabic maalish lulu whts wrong bitch
Arabic waa faqri damn
Arabic neekni sahrawi fuck me in the ass
Arabic sharmoota slut
Arabic neekni fuck me
Arabic neekni wlaa tneek hargeti fuck me but dont fuck my words
Arabic Anta kalbee You're my dog
Arabic yalla maal saham a gay from saham
Arabic bde amroj fe 3enak jack off my dick in your eye
Arabic Sharmotah Bitch
Arabic äíßäí ÍÈíÈí fuck me baby
Arabic Nekni ana sharyaana fuck me I'm horny
Arabic ibin himaar son of a donkey
Arabic Ayeree fee wij imaak My dick in your moms face
Arabic Ebn El Sharmoota! Son of a bitch!
Arabic kess emmak your mums pussy ( fuck your mum )
Arabic zobbi be ommok my dick in your mother
Arabic moss ayri suck my dick
Arabic sambooli maa indi ghairoo i am proud of my penis
Arabic Ibn himar Son of a donkey
Arabic Tel has tisee Kiss my ass
Arabic gewad stupid lowlife pimp (iraqi slang)
Arabic koos imek up my your mothers vagina
Arabic Kol Ayre Eat my dick
Arabic manuke khara shit fucker
Arabic Bin'nt himaar Daughter of a donkey
Arabic kes en neck eighty go fuck your mother
Arabic sambool fi fqa'htak my penis in your ass
Arabic qawad pimp
Arabic wald il qawad son of pimp
Arabic sambool penis
Arabic sambool maa ybool large strong penis
Arabic kos ahlak manayek fuck your whole family are gays
Arabic Wald Dhroot (used in oman) Son of a fart
Arabic qooq ummak ur mom's pussy
Arabic umka sharmota your mom is a slut
Arabic ghaben Illegitimate child
Arabic naghal Illegitimate child
Arabic yel'aan naik emak fuck the fucking of your momma
Arabic charmouta slut
Arabic Kis em ick Go fuck your mom
Arabic Yla'an haramak Damn your spouse
Arabic Mos zibby! Suck my dick!
Arabic sharmuta whore
Arabic Majdoube Stupid
Arabic lhass baydeteh suck on my balls
Arabic khajaf you are an embarresment
Arabic Ya Bint El-Haram! O thy daughter of whore!
Arabic Assam Alaykom! Death upon you!
Arabic El-Sheitan Alaykom! Satan be upon you!
Arabic Qusamak I fucked you're mother asshole.
Arabic muss zebby suck my dick
Arabic adreb pipa blow job for me
Arabic Kus omak Your mothers pussy
Arabic koos akhotkha hatsola'at your limping sister's pussy
Arabic Zubih My dick
Arabic Kanker zemmer Cancer faggot
Arabic manyak faggot
Arabic Bad Armenian
Arabic jordanian sur muk your ass
Arabic jordanian ila an sharafak damn your honour
Arabic jordanian yena'an kusha ommak damn your mothers cunt
Arabic jordanian Kos ommak Fuck your mama
Arabic jordanian Gawwad Pimp
Arabic jordanian Manyak Gay - Homo
Arabic jordanian Tilhahs Teezi Lick My Ass
Arabic jordanian Yelan ta'aris ardak Damn your honour
Arabic jordanian ahot rijly btizak put my leg in your ass
Arabic jordanian Khosh fi Teizi Fuck off (lit. Enter my Arse)
Arabic jordanian Ilhas Teeze Suck my ass
Arabic palestinian Manyoke Whore
Arabic palestinian Kos omak ebn sharmota Fuck your mother son of a bitch
Arabic palestinian Manek Your being fucked a lot
Arabic (aleppo) air b emmak el mfanda'a my dick in your hore mother
Arabic (aleppo) nyak al nana tab3ak your grand mom fucker
Arabic (aleppo) abous ksa lmemee i will kiss ur mom pussy
Arabic (aleppo) Iben El Mentakeh mother fucker
Arabic (aleppo) Telhas Ras Airi lick the top of my dick
Arabic (aleppo) تنقربيضاتي click to my nuts
Arabic (aleppo) telhass tizi like my ass
Arabic (aleppo) mos zbi suck my dick
Arabic (aleppo) aad aleh bite on it (on my dick)
Arabic (lebanese) Akhou El Sharmoota Brother of a bitch
Arabic (lebanese) Kol eyre Eat my dick
Arabic (lebanese) Tilhas tizi Lick my ass
Arabic (lebanese) Ibn el sharmouta son of a bitch
Arabic (lebanese) bade naykak l fejle I will make you fuck the raddish
Arabic (lebanese) Malla ras eyr yaleh 3alek What a dick head you have
Arabic (lebanese) Eyre b Wejjak chou meref Fuck your face , it s so ugly
Arabic (lebanese) masaho wipe it (the dick)
Arabic (lebanese) Anta jameel you are dick
Arabic (lebanese) I love you soo much bitch Ana ahubak kateer sharmoota
Arabic (lebanese) ekhtak bade neeka/neka im going to fuck your sister
Arabic (moroccan) Hwini Fuck me
Arabic (moroccan) Tarma Ass
Arabic (moroccan) Maabol del hla Fucked- up peasant
Arabic (moroccan) Maabol Crazy man
Arabic (moroccan) kahba di omo Your mother is a whore
Arabic (moroccan) M'zroob Fucked-up
Arabic (moroccan) Zamel Gay
Arabic (moroccan) hmar (a) stupid
Arabic (moroccan) Khanez (Khanza) Dirty, Stinky, Smelly
Arabic (moroccan) Bghitini nahwik Do you want me to fuck you?
Arabic (moroccan) Aji nahwik come to fuck
Arabic (moroccan) Hway Zwamel Fucker of Gays
Arabic (moroccan) Akbar zamel ala wajh alard The biggest fagget
Arabic (moroccan) tabon dyemak fuck ur mother's pussy
Arabic (moroccan) mchi thawa Fuck you
Arabic (moroccan) Hmar kelb tfou Annoying idiot
Arabic (moroccan) tobon imak your mothers pussy
Arabic (moroccan) hwi muk fuck your mother
Arabic (moroccan) Mamsoukha Shemale
Arabic (moroccan) Kowwad (a) Pimp
Arabic (moroccan) Yddek fi Zob Put your hand on my dick
Arabic (moroccan) Mamsoukh Shemale
Arabic (moroccan) Khchi sebaak f tremtek Go fuck yourself
Arabic (moroccan) Allah i naal dine mok Curse your mom
Arabic (moroccan) Zobi kbeer my dick is big
Arabic (moroccan) Mass zebbi Suck my dick
Arabic (moroccan) Njibo fik Cum in you
Arabic (moroccan) taboune mok your mum's Pussy
Arabic (moroccan) Sir t'hwi kahbat mok Go Fuck your mother the bitch
Arabic (moroccan) mkauda fucked
Arabic (moroccan) Zwamel gays
Arabic (moroccan) zamel bok your father is a gay
Arabic (moroccan) Gahba d yemak your mother is a whore
Arabic (moroccan) Seer Tkaffat Go masturbate/screw yourself
Arabic (moroccan) Shaarat mook Your mother's pubic hair
Arabic (moroccan) Miloud weld habiba A loser
Arabic (moroccan) Metrama Bubble ass
Arabic (moroccan) Rbayb rabbak zwiml did you know that your dad is gay?
Arabic (moroccan) Llah dialk ngalsso ala zabbi I will make you set over my cock
Arabic (moroccan) Din dialkom dial zwaml cult of faggets
Arabic (moroccan) Nahwik min lour I will fuck you from behind
Arabic (moroccan) Llah dialk kaymoss Liya zabbi Your god is sucking my dick
Arabic (moroccan) nrsam lik tabone fwajhek i will draw a pussy on your face
Arabic (moroccan) kawad darak fuck off home
Arabic (moroccan) Yl3an taboon mok Curse your mom's pussy
Arabic (sudanese) hamama gay (bottom)
Arabic (sudanese) ma'aras pimp
Arabic (sudanese) jamal pussy
Arabic (sudanese) Kulsoum Fuck you
Arabic (syrian) Airi bshafrat kes emmak my dick in your moms pussy lips
Arabic (syrian) Airi bebzezat ekhtak my dick between your sis boobs
Arabic (syrian) Airi feek my dick in you
Arabic (syrian) yelaan abook arsa damn your pimp dad
Arabic (syrian) manyook fucked
Arabic (syrian) mamhoon horny
Arabic (syrian) Ebn Al-manyooke Son of a fucked bitch
Arabic (syrian) Nayek Emmak Fucked your mom
Arabic (syrian) Telhas airi Lick my cock
Arabic (syrian) Telhas ras airi Lick the head of my cock
Arabic (syrian) Ebn Al-Sharmoota Son of a bitch
Arabic (syrian) Nayek hareemek Fucked your women
Arabic (syrian) Kol Airi Eat my dick
Arabic (syrian) Kes Emmak your mothers vagina
Arabic (syrian) yel'an ekht yali khalafak bi ayree akit manyookee fuck the person that brought u here
Arabic (syrian) shrbe mneh drink cum
Arabic (syrian) madhara cum guzller
Arabic (syrian) Telab be resli give me a handjob
Arabic (syrian) mus zubi ya ibn al kalb suck my dick you son of a dog
Arabic (syrian) Akhu el sharmuta Brother of a bitch
Arabic (syrian) Ibn el sharmuta Son of a bitch
Arabic (syrian) Mossi eri Suck my cock (to girl)
Arabic (syrian) Moss eri Suck my cock (to male)
Arabic (tunisian) nam dick
Arabic (tunisian) Hawi impotent, Jaffa, spermless
Arabic (tunisian) zibi my dick
Arabic (tunisian) niklik omik mother fucker
Arabic (tunisian) Ya Miboun Fuck off Gay!
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Arabic (tunisian) Emshi Nik Ommek Fuck your mum
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Catalan fot el camp fuck off
Catalan Armando reques Gay
Catalan ets un messi you are a cheater
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Catalan Ves a la merda Go to hell
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Cebuano Yabag ka You moron!
Cebuano Mananap ka You Animal!
Cebuano Buwisit Kang Dako You're too much Bullshit
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Chakma Sidire mu! Freak! (Disfigured face!)
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Chamorro Kaduka (f) / Kaduku (m) Crazy
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Chinese now tsan retard or mentally impaired
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Cockney rhyming slang James Blunt (only first word used) Cunt
Cockney rhyming slang Tom Tit Shit
Cockney rhyming slang Merchant Banker Wanker
Cocos kimak nya your mom's pussy
Cocos Sampar bengkak You Bastard
Colombian Masca Verga Cock Muncher
Colombian Care chimba bastard
Colombian carechimba Dick Face
Colombian caremondá dickface
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Colombian Malparido Lit. Badborn
Colombian me lo chupa I don't care, suck it
Colombian come mierda! eat shit
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Colombian Que bacano So cool; so awesome
Comorian (swahili dialect) effendi gay man
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Cook islands maori mete or i'ka vagina
Costa rican Metase el dedo Go fuck yourself
Costa rican Vayase al demonio Go to hell
Costa rican Perra Female dog (bitch)
Costa rican Mal parido Your birth was a mistake
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Costa rican Mongolo Fool
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Counter strike Eco Spend all of your money
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Creole (mauritian) Faloure or "Falour" mama swearing word (Your mum's cunt)
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Croatian pièka ti se zgadila! may you find pussy repulsive
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Croatian Pas mater!! Dog mother! - literally
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Croatian Jebem te glupa. I fuck you stupid.
Croatian Jebem mu miša. I fuck his mouse. (not very offensive)
Croatian Jebo ti vrag mater Devil fucked your mother.
Croatian Boli me kurac. My dick hurts. (said when you don't care about something)
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Croatian Jebem ti sreću. I fuck your luck.
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Croatian Dabogda ti se ruke osuile! May your arms dry out!
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Croatian Ko te napravija tako glupa! Who made you so stupid?
Croatian Sranje Shit (when something go wrong)
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Croatian Izrigat æu ti se u facu! I will vomit in your face!
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Croatian Vrag ti sriću gunja! May the devil take your luck
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Croatian Jebem ti sve po spisku! Fuck everything on your list!
Croatian Nabijem te na kurac! I'll stick you on a/my dick!
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Cuban Come pinga Idiot
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Cuban mojaneta little piece of shit
Cuban Mandraga Castro (= literally evil sorcerer)
Cumbria slang uphill gardener gay man
Cybertronian scrap crap, hell, damn, shit, fuck
Cypriot Gamo ton shisto pou se pitise I fuck the pussy that squirted you
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Cypriot Pezevegki Someone who is being cheated on
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Cypriot Θκιάολε μαύρε / Thkiaole mavre Dark hell
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Cypriot Manouvras Gay
Cypriot Pezevengi Pimp
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Czech Zmrd Fucker+ cock, dick.
Czech men are assholes czech
Czech Koomrd (koniomrd) a person who fucks horses
Czech Mrdka Jizz
Czech Sakra Dammit
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Czech Buzerant [ Busserant ] Extreme weird gay
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Danish klamme so desgusting girl pig
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Danish Sut min pik Suck my dick
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Danish Din mor your mother
Danish For helvede God damn it. (lit. to hell)
Danish Din mor! yo mama
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Danish Dumme k'lling Dumb bitch
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Danish Skrid med dig! Fuck off!
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Danish Sut min pik! Suck my dick!
Danish Svensker Demon
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Danish For Satan! No litteral translation (Goddanmit)
Danish Gå væk din klamme idiot Go away you gross idiot
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Dari Murdagaw Pimp
Dari (farsi) Haramzada Bastard
Dari (farsi) Kuss Modar Mother Fucker
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Dari (Farsi) kerrum tha donet My dick in your mouth
Dari (Farsi) kus bibi your grandmas pussy
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Dari (Farsi) Kussi Whore (female)
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