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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Albinos White Americans (21%)      (79%)
Asian niggas Asian men, only Oriental. (39%)      (61%)
Blow your back out To have amazing sex (36%)      (64%)
Boo Boo Worthless, useless, has no value (48%)      (52%)
Buck 50 Switchblade or a razor blade (28%)      (72%)
Bust a nut orgasm (74%)      (26%)
Coochie Vagina (71%)      (29%)
Devils White Americans (33%)      (67%)
Fix it make me orgasm through your mouth (56%)      (44%)
Fuck Boy A male wimp. (29%)      (71%)
Hair Hat Weave, wig, or hair extensions (50%)      (50%)
Hoe get on the D and suck! Fuck me (35%)      (65%)
Hyena A cheap, loose or ignorant woman (75%)      (25%)
Little black boy .357 magnum (67%)      (33%)
M.O.B. Member of the Bloods gang (67%)      (33%)
Mufuca i aint know iss you I did not know it was/is you (47%)      (53%)
Nina Nine milimeter pistol (100%)      (0%)
Nut Semen or vaginal ejaculation (67%)      (33%)
Oh, my bad I didn't know it was you (67%)      (33%)
Po Po Police (75%)      (25%)
The D Penis (80%)      (20%)
The Plug Source for illegal narcotics (100%)      (0%)
White bitch cocaine (40%)      (60%)
fuckboy A boy that isn't tough (30%)      (70%)

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