Peruvian Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Bixona Bitch (10%)      (90%)
Cabro Pussy (13%)      (87%)
Carajo! Fuck! (92%)      (8%)
Huevon (it depends) dude (friendly), retard (strong) (91%)      (9%)
Reconche tu mare weon! Mother Fucker Asshole ! (38%)      (62%)
chupame el poto !!! suck my ass (50%)      (50%)
chupame un huevo suck my bol (one bol) (67%)      (33%)
chúpate este suck this (cock) (33%)      (67%)
hijo de perra son of a bitch (100%)      (0%)
maricon de mierda fucking gay (100%)      (0%)
mierda Shit! (83%)      (17%)
¡Ándate a la mierda! Fuck off! (Go away) (81%)      (19%)

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