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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Amuy kubeta pepe! YOUR PUSSY SMELLS LIKE A TOILET!! (37%)      (63%)
Bastos Ka! You are very disrespectful (56%)      (44%)
Kainin mo bayag ni [name] Eat [name]'s balls! (25%)      (75%)
Kumain ng aking titi Eat my Cock (0%)      (100%)
Kupal Dick cheese (42%)      (58%)
Mahiwangang pekpek magical vagina (67%)      (33%)
Puke Cunt/Pussy (83%)      (17%)
Ulysses Hinojo Douchebag (0%)      (100%)
You are fucki You are fucking ugly (0%)      (0%)
hindutan tayo lets fuck (50%)      (50%)
malaki titi ni tatay My dad has a big dick (0%)      (100%)
putang ina mo your mums a whore/slut (58%)      (42%)