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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Dasar babi loe! You damn pig! (82%)      (18%)
Emak loe pelacur Your mother is a whore (100%)      (0%)
Entot bool tuh cewek sampe berdarah-darah! Fuck her ass until bleeding! (40%)      (60%)
Entot tuh bool pelacur! Sodomize the whore! (50%)      (50%)
Entot tuh pelacur! Fuck that whore! (80%)      (20%)
Jilat memek gua! Lick my pussy! (100%)      (0%)
Memek bersih shaved pussy (0%)      (0%)
Memek merah jambu Pinky pussy (67%)      (33%)
Ngentot yuk! Let have fuck! (75%)      (25%)
Peju ngecrit! Cum shot! (50%)      (50%)