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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
A Casinu! the fuck i will do that! (0%)      (0%)
Bae e iscolladi Go and throw your self off a cliff (0%)      (0%)
Cazzu diaulu Devil dick (100%)      (0%)
Diaulos de sas catenas Demons of the chains (may bind you) (0%)      (0%)
Ibburru cum (0%)      (0%)
Minciale Dumb like a dick (0%)      (0%)
Mortu t' acattene May somebody find you dead (0%)      (0%)
Raju ti nde falede hope thunder strikes you (0%)      (0%)
Su cuaddu ti coddiri may an horse fuck you (0%)      (0%)
Tontu che sa melda Dumb like shit (0%)      (0%)