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Spanish (cuban) Language

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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Bugarrón Buggerer (43%)      (57%)
Comemierda Shit eater (89%)      (11%)
Comepinga Dick eater (male) (91%)      (9%)
Conyo Carajo Damn Hell (ugly version) (53%)      (47%)
Maricon Homosexual - Male (86%)      (14%)
Maricona Homosexual - Female (46%)      (54%)
Me cago en el corazón de tu madre I shit on your mother´s heart (69%)      (31%)
Me cago en el coño de tu madre I shit on your mothers cunt (79%)      (21%)
Me cago en ti I shit on you (68%)      (32%)
Tortillera Dyke (86%)      (14%)
boyo vagina (78%)      (22%)
chucha tu madre fuck your mother (32%)      (68%)
chupa pinga dick sucker (79%)      (21%)
dale puneta jerk off (27%)      (73%)
hijo de la gran puta son of a whore/bitch (84%)      (16%)
mama huevo suck my balls (63%)      (38%)
me lo paso por la cabeza de la pinga i dont give a fuck (57%)      (43%)
vete pa casa'e la pinga go to hell (71%)      (29%)

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