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A collection of Moldavian profanity submitted by you!
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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Blea Fuck (67%)      (33%)
Canchyuga loser, outcast (64%)      (36%)
Chizda cunt (86%)      (14%)
Chizdoiu mătii your mother's cunt (67%)      (33%)
Du-te nahui! Fuck you! (61%)      (39%)
Du-te-n pulă! Fuck you! (86%)      (14%)
Dute-n Pula Fuck Off (16%)      (84%)
M-am zaibit! I'm fucking pissed! (62%)      (38%)
Nu mă zaibi! do not get on my nerves (58%)      (42%)
Pidaras gay (67%)      (33%)
Sa te fut in cur I'll fuck you in the ass (86%)      (14%)
Suge-mi Pula suck my dick (93%)      (7%)
Tu-tsi shiapa ma-tii! Your mother is onion! (14%)      (86%)
amuz itz zapizdesk suka i will slap you bitch (56%)      (44%)
cnd ț fut pa ibalu I'll puch you in your face (70%)      (30%)
sa ma cac in gura ta imma shit in your mouth (60%)      (40%)
sa-ti chiara porshii let your pigs die (50%)      (50%)
so fut pe mata-n cur i'll fuck your mom in the ass (89%)      (11%)