Haitian creole Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Ghet Mamao Fuck your mother (63%)      (38%)
Ghet Maron ou Fuck your godmother (36%)      (64%)
Kochon pig (95%)      (5%)
La med Fuck you (55%)      (45%)
Makak Monkey (67%)      (33%)
Masisi sal Dirty faggot (64%)      (36%)
Poukisa ou pale kaka Why are you talking shit (82%)      (18%)
guiet manmanw salope chien ou fuck your mom bitch ass dog (50%)      (50%)
momo coco santi your moms pussy stinks (41%)      (59%)
sanvegoyn shameless (40%)      (60%)
suse gheghe your gay (38%)      (63%)
tio tou small hole (43%)      (57%)
vakabon vagabond (31%)      (69%)
zozo vyeyi old dick (67%)      (33%)

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