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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Airi bebzezat ekhtak my dick between your sis boobs (77%)      (23%)
Airi bshafrat kes emmak my dick in your moms pussy lips (72%)      (28%)
Airi feek my dick in you (79%)      (21%)
Ebn Al-gahbe Son of a whore (63%)      (38%)
Ebn Al-manyooke Son of a fucked bitch (75%)      (25%)
Ebn Al-Sharmoota Son of a bitch (81%)      (19%)
Kes Ekhtak your sisters vagina (90%)      (10%)
Kes Emmak your mothers vagina (71%)      (29%)
Kol Airi Eat my dick (81%)      (19%)
Kol Khara eat shit (83%)      (17%)
mamhoon horny (65%)      (35%)
manyook fucked (100%)      (0%)
Nayek Ekhtak Fucked your sister (100%)      (0%)
Nayek Emmak Fucked your mom (81%)      (19%)
Nayek hareemek Fucked your women (93%)      (7%)
Rooh entak Fuck off (100%)      (0%)
Telhas airi Lick my cock (88%)      (13%)
Telhas ras airi Lick the head of my cock (89%)      (11%)
yel'an ekht yali khalafak bi ayree akit manyookee fuck the person that brought u here (0%)      (0%)
yelaan abook arsa damn your pimp dad (91%)      (9%)