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Baluchi Language

A collection of Baluchi profanity submitted by you!
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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Ezeera monkey molester (42%)      (58%)
Hosheaz no mind (13%)      (87%)
Jozadakh homos (2%)      (98%)
Ketuvimi gayboy (2%)      (98%)
Tai kin e toka mani lolo My dick is in your ass (16%)      (84%)
Tai maataa man gaya I will fuck your mother (8%)      (92%)
Tay kera dapa kana I suck your dick (20%)      (80%)
Yeruham real gay (0%)      (0%)
Zebulund small dick (100%)      (0%)
baga gay (89%)      (11%)
belshumtuv swine (0%)      (0%)
eibrew dirty pig (100%)      (0%)
keer sar dick head (83%)      (17%)
many keer tay kennay lapa My dick inside your ass (80%)      (20%)
mun tara gaya I will fuck you (78%)      (22%)
rambam donkey fucker (100%)      (0%)
tay matay kos your mum's pussy (88%)      (12%)
tay sar many gond yaka your head and my balls same (63%)      (38%)

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