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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Anticap nato pal culo Retarded born from the ass (57%)      (43%)
Boaro (Dispregiative) Farmer (100%)      (0%)
Ghesboro! Fuck! (52%)      (48%)
I To morti Cani Your deads are dogs (88%)      (13%)
Magnamerda Shit eater (90%)      (10%)
Magnime a ponta Eat my dick (88%)      (12%)
Sc'iopa! Have an heart stroke! (100%)      (0%)
To mare sboldra Your mum's a bitch (78%)      (22%)
Va in cuo a to mare Go fuck your mum's ass (85%)      (15%)
Va in mona to mare Go fuck your mother in her pussy (100%)      (0%)