Shardyyyy Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
He's pretty hot I think he's got a bag of gear (50%)      (50%)
I get paid tomorrow I don't even have a job.... (60%)      (40%)
I'm giving it to u at cost I'm only making 2k out of this (50%)      (50%)
I'm good for it honestly bro I'm never gonna pay for this..:) (50%)      (50%)
I'm walking out the door now! I'm about to jump in the shower (33%)      (67%)
The Barra The Koota (33%)      (67%)
The mean one.. Top grade a class bang bang boogie (33%)      (67%)
Wanna come have a puff with me??? Do u Fancy letting me fuck ya???? (50%)      (50%)
You know anyone who wants to buy an iPad??? I'm a junkie cunt, I'll suck (50%)      (50%)

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