Bosnian Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Cetnik a serberian assole (42%)      (58%)
Idi u pičku materinu go to your mom's vagina (83%)      (17%)
Jebaću ti Boga I will fuck your God (71%)      (29%)
Jebem li ti krv I fuck your blood (84%)      (16%)
Jebem li ti krvavu majku I fuck your bloody mother (88%)      (12%)
Jebem li ti mrtvu majku I fuck your dead mother (89%)      (11%)
Jebem li ti onu majku I fuck that mother of yours (74%)      (26%)
Jebem li ti sve u usta I fuck all of yours in mouth (79%)      (21%)
Jebem ti Hljeb I fuck your bread (71%)      (29%)
Jebem ti familiju I'll fuck your family (91%)      (9%)
Jebem ti kolac I fuck your cake (56%)      (44%)
Jebem ti mamu na bananu I fuck your mother with banana (29%)      (71%)
Jebem ti punicu I fuck your mother in law (87%)      (13%)
Jebi se go fuck yourself (92%)      (8%)
Jebo te Allah May Allah fuck you (41%)      (59%)
Jebo te Bog May God fuck you (54%)      (46%)
Jebo te otac usta Have dad fuck you in your mouth (66%)      (34%)
Jebo te tikva Fuck your pumpkin (27%)      (73%)
Ko ti jebe mater. who is fucking your mom. (43%)      (57%)
Konju jedan You fucking horse (60%)      (40%)
Kuja Bitch (87%)      (13%)
Kurac Penis (71%)      (29%)
Kurvo Whore (88%)      (12%)
Magarac/ Magarce Jack Ass (85%)      (15%)
Majmune jedan you fucking ape (80%)      (20%)
Mami ti krajnike ispitam I inspect your mothers tonsils (85%)      (15%)
Mrš u pizdu materinu Go into pussy mom (47%)      (53%)
Na kurac te nabijem On my dick i put you (57%)      (43%)
Ne seri! Dont shit (85%)      (15%)
Nek jebe konju mater May he fucks horse's mother (73%)      (27%)
Obalindžaj ga der Suck my dick (sleng) (42%)      (58%)
Oderem ti sestrin pakaš I rip your sisters ass (sleng) (77%)      (23%)
Pedercina Gay (derogatory) (50%)      (50%)
Pederu jedan You fucking homo (64%)      (36%)
Picka ti materina Your mother is a kilt (15%)      (85%)
Pička ti materina your mom's vagina (57%)      (43%)
Puca mi kurac I dont give a fuck (41%)      (59%)
Pusi mi kurac Suck my cock (87%)      (13%)
Slovenska picka Slovenian pussy (69%)      (31%)
Spermuša Whore full of sperm (68%)      (32%)
i di u picku maternu Go back in you moms pussy (84%)      (16%)
jebe ga fuck it (45%)      (55%)
nabijem te na kurac i impale you on my penis (85%)      (15%)
pitcku maternu Your Mom's Vagina (33%)      (67%)
Šupak Asshole (57%)      (43%)
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