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A collection of Gaelic profanity submitted by you!
Please think about voting for the accuracy of Gaelic swear words below or even add a Gaelic cuss or Gaelic slang phrase.

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Awa tae fu cunt Please leave my proximity you cunt. (19%)      (81%)
Fodder Fuck (10%)      (90%)
Sasanach ithean cac English eat shit (40%)      (60%)
Shinach Sly Bastard (27%)      (73%)
Slore slut whore (13%)      (87%)
buille an leathair to fuck (31%)      (69%)
ceann cac shithead (57%)      (43%)
gowl cunt (67%)      (33%)
pog mo thoin kiss my ass (86%)      (14%)
pol thoin asshole (46%)      (54%)