Gypsy Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
kar Cock (58%)      (42%)
Bengalo (masculine)/bengalia (feminine) Idiot (40%)      (60%)
Borey Corey Big Dick (55%)      (45%)
Chucha Breast (56%)      (44%)
Corey Hauler Dick Sucker (62%)      (38%)
Dekh pro mro baaro kaar. Watch my big dick. (75%)      (25%)
E Mindj Pussy (64%)      (36%)
Getsa Cum (56%)      (44%)
Ka xile ma pe tute!!! (pronounced Kah- chzeelay mah pay too-tay!) I am going to shit on you. (32%)      (68%)
Kaka rocka nixis Be quiet (56%)      (44%)
Kamav tut te kurel andri mindj ! I want to fuck you into pussy ! (50%)      (50%)
Khas miro kaar Eat my dick (50%)      (50%)
Meesh Cunt (71%)      (29%)
O Kaar Dick (33%)      (67%)
Pi mugo car Suck my dick (50%)      (50%)
Si ma baaro kaar. I have big dick. (50%)      (50%)
Te kurel Fuck (50%)      (50%)
Transpirate Mish Sweaty Vagina (67%)      (33%)
adja poo kar Fuck off (30%)      (70%)
guav cha dha fuck your mother (goo-av- cha daa) (58%)      (42%)
guav cho muy fuck your face (58%)      (42%)
has ki cafa! (xhas key chafa!) serbian gypsy eat your neck! (75%)      (25%)
kaa mogo cod eat my dick (44%)      (56%)
kudav ce di day im gonna fuck ur mother (56%)      (44%)
lav chea dah ando car i take your mother on my dick (56%)      (44%)
mekav mon pay tute i am going to cum on you (42%)      (58%)

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