Burmese Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Gway Htoot Wank (63%)      (37%)
Lee Bel Penis! (72%)      (28%)
Lee Gon Dick Head (22%)      (78%)
Lee Sok suck my dick (81%)      (19%)
Loo ma thar Son of a fucker (51%)      (49%)
Min may sat pat Ur mums pussy (92%)      (8%)
Minn May Minn Lo' fuck ya own mother (90%)      (10%)
Nea hmea sout put Your mom's a vagina (72%)      (28%)
Nea nga yea lee thwa sout liet You can go suck my dick (52%)      (48%)
Par Tal Ma Whore (56%)      (44%)
Phay loe ma thar Father fucker (50%)      (50%)
Qui Kaung Bitch (male) (86%)      (14%)
Qui Ma Bitch (female) (88%)      (12%)
Saut pat ka lar Fucking Indian (35%)      (65%)
Sou Ko Fucking bitch (male) (34%)      (66%)
Sou Ko Ma Fucking bitch (female) (67%)      (33%)
lee sar eat dick (100%)      (0%)
lee sok pay suck my dick (85%)      (15%)
maylo hello (57%)      (43%)
na ma low sister fucker (82%)      (18%)
ngar min may ko loe chin tal I wanna fuck your mother (0%)      (100%)
sa pud sar eat pussy (69%)      (31%)

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