Tigrinya Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Dem Hira Bleed Blood (45%)      (55%)
Donkoro Dumbass (68%)      (32%)
Halay Dumbass (59%)      (41%)
Harae Shiter (70%)      (30%)
Haraet female Shiter (83%)      (17%)
Men adu hatiteka Who in the hell asked you? (66%)      (34%)
Sharmuuta Bitch (57%)      (43%)
Wedi Za Gele Son of something stupid/disgusting (66%)      (34%)
wedi sebaiti son of a bitch (48%)      (52%)
wedi sebeyti son of a bitch (46%)      (54%)
wedi sharmuta son of a bitch (56%)      (44%)

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