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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
You Carpet Muncher You Pussy Eater (73%)      (27%)
You Skeezer You Slut (53%)      (47%)
baldy bastard bald person (57%)      (43%)
dirty cow promiscious female (82%)      (18%)
fuck aff ya smelly cunt go away you smell (48%)      (52%)
geeza shag doll wants to have sex with woman (69%)      (31%)
geeza winch can you kiss me (28%)      (72%)
get it up ye ya bas go away (10%)      (90%)
go fuck yer dug go and have sex with your dog (63%)      (37%)
meh butts in deh basket my ass hurrts (52%)      (48%)
poofy bastard gay guy (53%)      (47%)
show me yer bush doll can i see your vagina lady (54%)      (46%)
shut it ya minger be quiet you smelly or ugly person (57%)      (43%)
shut yer geggie be quiet (44%)      (56%)
yer a fanny you are stupid (38%)      (63%)
yer aff yer heed mentally challenged (45%)      (55%)