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Myanmar Language

A collection of Myanmar profanity submitted by you!
Please think about voting for the accuracy of Myanmar swear words below or even add a Myanmar cuss or Myanmar slang phrase.

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Chee sar eat shit (83%)      (17%)
Khwe ma daa Son of a bitch (74%)      (26%)
Ko may ko loe Fuck your own mother (100%)      (0%)
Lee Dick (88%)      (13%)
Lee Mwe Pubic Hair (56%)      (44%)
Lee sote Suck dick (100%)      (0%)
Min May Loe Fuck your mother (87%)      (13%)
Ngan Lee Penis (54%)      (46%)
Ngar Lee Damn it (40%)      (60%)
Ngar lo ma daa Son of a whore (25%)      (75%)
Phar Goung Whore (42%)      (58%)
Sau Pa Vagina (62%)      (38%)
Saut shat ma shi tae kwe ma thar Shameless son of a whore (100%)      (0%)
ko may ko loe mother fucker (83%)      (17%)
leee dick (60%)      (40%)
quay da daung sar worthless piece of shit (100%)      (0%)
saut pet pussy (70%)      (30%)

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