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A collection of Hakka profanity submitted by you!
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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
chew hai smelly cunt (10%)      (90%)
Chiu Ci Bet smelly vagina (81%)      (19%)
Diao Nga Mi Tji Pet ! Fuck your mother cunt ! (33%)      (67%)
diao ni see woo fuck your ass (27%)      (73%)
diao nia ma fuck your mom (50%)      (50%)
diao nia meh fuck your mom (74%)      (26%)
Foui Po/Lao Fat Lady/Man (47%)      (53%)
Phi Gu Bum (0%)      (100%)
Si Chun Stupid (36%)      (64%)
sit jiao LA! go and eat banana (45%)      (55%)
zit bet (æýÌY) vaginal (0%)      (0%)