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Pikachu Language

A collection of Pikachu profanity submitted by you!
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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
*electric shock* s and m (81%)      (19%)
Chu Bitch (87%)      (13%)
ka copulate (89%)      (11%)
Pi Fuck; to fuck (90%)      (10%)
Pi Pika Pi Go fuck your Pokéball (100%)      (0%)
Pika to fuck hard (81%)      (19%)
Pika Pi Fucking fuck (95%)      (5%)
Pika Pika to fuck violently (89%)      (11%)
pika pika pi pika Nathan sucks Dick (84%)      (16%)
Pika-chu to fuck a bitch (91%)      (9%)
pikachu fucking bitches like a pro (80%)      (20%)