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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Atomic Bomb Really Ugly Fat Girl (79%)      (21%)
Cabs r here! The taxis have arrived (93%)      (7%)
D.T.F Down To Fuck (90%)      (10%)
GTL Gym Tan Laundry (86%)      (14%)
Gernade an ugly girl. (40%)      (60%)
Hey Fuck you (100%)      (0%)
Kooka vagina (59%)      (41%)
Meatball LITTLE MOTHERFUCKER (57%)      (43%)
Smoosh Have Sex (80%)      (20%)
T-shirt timmme! Get your fresh clubbin' shirt on (83%)      (17%)
Thot whore (100%)      (0%)
fuckin' A Indeed (80%)      (20%)
land mine skinny ugly girl (91%)      (9%)
muff cabage you have cabage in you muff (44%)      (56%)

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