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Frisian Language

A collection of Frisian profanity submitted by you!
Please think about voting for the accuracy of Frisian swear words below or even add a Frisian cuss or Frisian slang phrase.

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Apatsjo Weirdo (100%)      (0%)
Bekje ticht jong shut up (55%)      (45%)
Megoaltsje Retard (mongoloid) (0%)      (0%)
Onkoal Idiot (50%)      (50%)
Siike hin Sick Chicken (0%)      (0%)
Smearlap Dirtbag (dirty cloth) (0%)      (0%)
Tomme Damnit (50%)      (50%)
smoarrige kloatsek! Dirty Bastard (72%)      (28%)

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