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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Ba moka bu mae Go fuck your mom (100%)      (0%)
Ba muka bu mae Fuck your mum (74%)      (26%)
Cabeca ma biroti Dickhead (69%)      (31%)
Posa shit (33%)      (67%)
Rostu ma pitada Pussy face (65%)      (35%)
ba fude bu ma go fuck your mother (86%)      (14%)
ba pa madra go to hell (53%)      (47%)
basa obo blow my load (61%)      (39%)
bu ma your mother (69%)      (31%)
creka bu ma your mother's pussy (78%)      (22%)
crica de bo mãe your mother's pussy (85%)      (15%)
fiju di puta Son of a Bitch (71%)      (29%)
kadala hoe (76%)      (24%)
krika pussy (82%)      (18%)
pichoti penis (62%)      (38%)
pora shit (82%)      (18%)