Dari (farsi) Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Da daanet Kerem My dick in your mouth (56%)      (44%)
Da kunet kerem My dick in your ass (50%)      (50%)
Fahesha Whore (33%)      (67%)
Goh bokho Eat shit (50%)      (50%)
Harami Bastard (75%)      (25%)
Haramzada Bastard (80%)      (20%)
Jendeh kaseef Dirty slut (75%)      (25%)
Keeram tu cossit My dick in your pussy (50%)      (50%)
Kerim da kosi khuwarit I fuck you'r sister (33%)      (67%)
Khar Kuss Donkey Fucker (57%)      (43%)
Kharkus Donkey Fucker (40%)      (60%)
Khayem ma bochosh suck my nut sack (75%)      (25%)
Kuss Aja Grandma Fucker (67%)      (33%)
Kuss Modar Mother Fucker (57%)      (43%)
Kuss Poara ripped pussy (0%)      (100%)
Mesleh kerre kharr Like the donkey's cock (50%)      (50%)
Zaadem-et taa I fuck you (50%)      (50%)
Zaanet ta Gaayom will fuck your wife (50%)      (50%)
gooz b rishit you have shit in your mouth (7%)      (93%)
kerem da kusse bibit my big dick in your granmas pussey (75%)      (25%)
kerem ma bochosh suck my dick (56%)      (44%)
ma mefomam kere mara mehoyi i knoww you want my dick (83%)      (17%)

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