Malaysia Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Butuh Dick (71%)      (29%)
Cerewet Pretty Parrot! (5%)      (95%)
Hidup Setan! Long live Satan! (47%)      (53%)
Kote keci small dick (60%)      (40%)
Mampus loe tai! Die you shit! (19%)      (81%)
Melancap Masturbate (100%)      (0%)
Neraka jahannam! Bloody Hell! (21%)      (79%)
Perkosa ibumu! Sodomi bapakmu! Rape you mom and sodomize your dad! (8%)      (92%)
Puki loe! You cunt! (17%)      (83%)
ale uto your dick (80%)      (20%)
babi kau you pig (100%)      (0%)
bana fuck you (0%)      (100%)
dit me fucking asleep (0%)      (100%)

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