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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Agsalsal ta Let's masturbate (61%)      (39%)
Bangsit Uki Stink Pussy (64%)      (36%)
Bungsit Tikilikili Mo Stink Underarms (44%)      (56%)
Luk dit mo You dickhead (68%)      (32%)
Toree stupid (34%)      (66%)
Ukininam Fuck You (53%)      (47%)
chupaen nak suck my dick (58%)      (42%)
inta agiyot lets have sex (45%)      (55%)
lastog bastard (40%)      (60%)
nag ampep ta pipit mo your pussy stinks (41%)      (59%)
naglawa ta ukim your pussy is wide (59%)      (41%)
nagtangkenen daytoy butok my dick is hard (53%)      (47%)
umuttog gak im horny (58%)      (42%)
yot ni inam mother fucker (63%)      (37%)