Montenegrin Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Bizi bitch (7%)      (93%)
Budalashe Dumb ass (13%)      (87%)
Jebi Ciganka picka Fuck a gypsy's pussy (16%)      (84%)
Jebi se u guzicu Go fuck yourself in the ass (57%)      (43%)
Jebi se u šupak Go fuck yourself in the asshole (43%)      (57%)
Jebise Fuck yourself (70%)      (30%)
Kucka Bitch (83%)      (17%)
Lick my pussy Polizi mi picku (63%)      (38%)
Magare Jack-ass, Donkey (84%)      (16%)
Maragun Idiot (11%)      (89%)
Mrsh tamo get the hell out (76%)      (24%)
Muchi Shut up (68%)      (32%)
Nabijem Mila Djukanovica na kurac. He is a dickhead. (70%)      (30%)
Ne prdi Dont fart (46%)      (54%)
Popusi mi karu Suck my dick (60%)      (40%)
Rak te raznia! May the cancer eat ya! (100%)      (0%)
Sramota jedna Shameful one (93%)      (7%)

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