Maracuchan Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
a mis cojones (usually contracted to simply 'cojones') I don't give a fuck/fuck it (0%)      (0%)
capote' volkswagen fat pussy (0%)      (0%)
chupame er culo suck my ass (67%)      (33%)
cocolla pussy (0%)      (0%)
cuca pussy (0%)      (0%)
echar un polvo to fuck (including cumming) (0%)      (0%)
jala bolas boot licker, brown noser (0%)      (0%)
merwe suck my dick (100%)      (0%)
paga prote brown noser (0%)      (0%)
papo pussy (0%)      (0%)
trimardito three times damned (0%)      (0%)

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