Sindarin elvish Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Amin delotha lle I hate you (60%)      (40%)
Amin feuya ten lle You disgust me (50%)      (50%)
Antolle ulua sulrim Much wind pours fromyour mouth (67%)      (33%)
Auta miqula orqu Go kiss an orc (45%)      (55%)
Dôl lost lîn Your head is empty (39%)      (61%)
Lle naa haran e nausalle You are kind in your imagination (67%)      (33%)
Nostach be Orch gaer You smell like ten orcs (82%)      (18%)
Rhachon le I curse you (80%)      (20%)
Rhaich Curses (60%)      (40%)
Utinu en lokirim Son of snakes (dishonest person) (83%)      (17%)

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