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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Agueonado Asshole (57%)      (43%)
Anda a la chucha Fuck Off (52%)      (48%)
chupa la que cuelga suck the one that hangs (73%)      (27%)
Chupame el pico suck my dick (87%)      (13%)
Conchetumadre Mother Fucker (89%)      (11%)
Gueona Bitch (32%)      (68%)
Hijo de la gran Punta Son of a great bitch (58%)      (43%)
La zorra edionda a pico Pussy smelling dick (29%)      (71%)
Me cago en la puta Fucking shit (80%)      (20%)
Palinga Fucking asshole (4%)      (96%)
Perra! bitch! (100%)      (0%)
Weona Asshole (she) (100%)      (0%)