Slavic languages Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Eedesh mee nah koorats You are going to sit on my dick (43%)      (57%)
Ehbahch Fucker (0%)      (100%)
Gdeh see peezdoh? Hi you cunt! (20%)      (80%)
Krahlyh Pehderstvah King of Gayness! (33%)      (67%)
Krehsnem tee mahmoo! i Fucking your mom (33%)      (67%)
Mama tee Justin Bieber! Your mom is Justin Bieber! (14%)      (86%)
Otats tee pehdehr Your father is gay (0%)      (100%)
Pooshee koorats Suck my dick (0%)      (100%)
Seeseh. Tits / Boobs (50%)      (50%)
Sosee hooy peezdet Suck my dick you pussy (25%)      (75%)
Tvohyah mama mee gah drkah. Your mom is wanking mine (50%)      (50%)
Yahkoh meh seh ehbeh I feel i am fucking so hard (17%)      (83%)
Yehbahch Fucker (67%)      (33%)

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