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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Chinga vos nana Motherfucker/Fuck your mother (20%)      (80%)
Chingga Fuck (91%)      (9%)
Conyo bos nana Genitalia of your mom (91%)      (9%)
Jodencha gat Vos Shit! Dumn it! (12%)      (88%)
Joder Fuck (0%)      (0%)
Pendeho Idiot (59%)      (41%)
Pendejo Vos You're an Adulturer! (44%)      (56%)
Que Razcon/a gat vos! What a bitche of you! (80%)      (20%)
Que tonto What a fool! (30%)      (70%)
Rayo! Lightning Strike You! (67%)      (33%)
Torpe Idiot (25%)      (75%)
Torpe Vos Dump! Shit! (33%)      (67%)