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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Aborto de calamar You're an aborted squid (80%)      (20%)
Anda que che den pelo cu Go get fucked in the ass (64%)      (36%)
Cabeza de nabo Dick head (71%)      (29%)
Caracona. Cunt-face. (85%)      (15%)
Carallo Dick (75%)      (25%)
Lame-cus Ass licker (88%)      (13%)
Langr n Asshole (37%)      (63%)
Me cago na cona que te botou I shit on the cunt that spewed you (86%)      (14%)
Vai cagar ostias becerro do carallo Go shit yourself you bloody moron (100%)      (0%)
cona cunt (90%)      (10%)
duemiengi floras dicklicking fucker (9%)      (91%)
fillo de puta son of a bitch (93%)      (7%)
krol ze bealailia May blood run over you! (0%)      (100%)
me cago na cona cunt dammit (72%)      (28%)
shlak be de be trafia the road to hell is paved (3%)      (97%)
tata yeezda pizda, mama yeezda hoy father eats pussy, mamma sucks dick (2%)      (98%)