Samoa Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Alu fufu lou kiga Go wank your mom (58%)      (42%)
Gefe Fuck (29%)      (71%)
Komo Dick head (57%)      (43%)
ai kaepu eat fart (63%)      (37%)
aikae eat shit (75%)      (25%)
e le gata bum sweaty (0%)      (0%)
kefe Aikea Fuck eat shit (43%)      (57%)
kelefua naked (69%)      (31%)
komo mai tainga dumb bitch! (37%)      (63%)
laku po oe i e kio ill slap da shit out of you.. (48%)      (52%)
paumuku slut (75%)      (25%)
polo fulufulua a lou tama your dads ball with hairs (56%)      (44%)

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