Australia Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
A face only a mother could love Ugly person (81%)      (19%)
Bottom Butt/bum (90%)      (10%)
Camp as a row of tents A gay man (67%)      (33%)
I'd love a pup out of that.... Sarcastic way of saying I like it (11%)      (89%)
My face leaves in 5 minutes, be on it! Let's have sex (60%)      (40%)
Stick it up your arse I don't want it (94%)      (6%)
Suck her shit to point and stab yourself to death with it She's a good sort (19%)      (81%)
Ya cunt! Dumbass (50%)      (50%)
You are a flipping Munch! You are a fucking moron! (40%)      (60%)

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