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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
'Ngul a mammeta In the ass of your mother (73%)      (27%)
'nd a chella fess e mammeta In the pussy of your mother (75%)      (25%)
'stu ricuttaro 'e mmerda Fucking (male) prostitute (38%)      (63%)
A mamat' your mother (76%)      (24%)
Cafone Uneducated person (69%)      (31%)
Chiavete a mammeta fuck your mother (64%)      (36%)
Chiavica Disgusting thing (67%)      (33%)
Fiet' 'e mmerda You smell like shit (78%)      (22%)
Figlij 'e 'ntrocchia Cunning person (75%)      (25%)
Int' a chella fessa 'e mammeta Your mother's cunt (50%)      (50%)
Loffa Fart (50%)      (50%)
M'h fatto vene a guallara You're the reason of my hernia (67%)      (33%)
M'h scassato 'e ccoglie lit. You broke my balls (36%)      (64%)
M'h scassato 'o cazz lit. You broke my dick (57%)      (43%)
Mammeta 'na zoccola Your mother's a bitch (67%)      (33%)
Mannaggia a chi t'h muort Your ancestors be damned (71%)      (29%)
Mannaggia a chi t'h vivo Your living relatives be damned (71%)      (29%)
Ngul a mammt In your mothers ass (67%)      (33%)
Piezz' e sfaccimm (literally) piece of cum (33%)      (67%)
Puorco 'e mmerda Fucking pig (50%)      (50%)
Si cos e pazz! Your nuts/crazy (50%)      (50%)
Sij 'na bbellezza 'e ceramica, 'u cess You are as beatiful as a bathroom (43%)      (57%)
Sij 'na latrina You're disgusting (50%)      (50%)
Va' a ffa mmocca Go do a blowjob (43%)      (57%)
Zizze Boobs (67%)      (33%)
a fess' e mamat' your moms pussy (62%)      (38%)
fa fancul' a mamat' go fuck your mother (18%)      (82%)
piglio 'n culo take it up the ass (56%)      (44%)
porco disgraziat' pork disgrace (57%)      (43%)
rumbo cazzo ball breaker (38%)      (62%)
salutim' a sorota say hi to your sister (sarcastic) (64%)      (36%)
tu si shem' your an idiot/stupid (56%)      (44%)
va fancul' a chi ta muort' Fuck you and your dead ones (67%)      (33%)
va fancul' a te e freid' Fuck you and your brother (27%)      (73%)
va fancul' a te e sorot' Fuck you and your sister (50%)      (50%)
zucame 'e ppalle suck my balls (62%)      (38%)