Romana Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Bagami-as pula in mortii matii Fuck your mother's dead relatives (84%)      (16%)
Bagate-as inapoi in pizda ma-ti Shove u back in your mothers vagina (76%)      (24%)
Cacam-as in gura ta! I Will shit in your mouth (87%)      (13%)
Date-n sange Go in blood (gipsy swearing) (74%)      (26%)
Esti pe invers! you are gay (62%)      (38%)
Futu-ti Soarele ma-tii! Fuck your mother's Sun! (86%)      (14%)
Hai s-o sugi Come and blow me (87%)      (13%)
Labagiule! Wanker! (91%)      (9%)
Lingeam-ai in stomac Lick me in the stomach (24%)      (76%)
Luami-ai porcu la tranta Have a wrestle match with my dick (23%)      (77%)
Pulalau stupid guy (25%)      (75%)
Rahat Dipshit (86%)      (14%)
Sa mori infipt in pula de cal sculata Die impaled by an erect horse dick (80%)      (20%)
Sa-mi sugi pula Suck my dick (86%)      (14%)
Sac de rahat Shit bag (71%)      (29%)
Such Pula cock sucker (7%)      (93%)
Te bag in pizda la ma-ta. I put you into your mother's cunt. (76%)      (24%)
bagami-as pula in capul tau i stick my dick in your head (77%)      (23%)
du-te-n pula mea go in my dick (50%)      (50%)
pula penis (92%)      (8%)

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