Creole (sierra leone) Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Bobo eata Pussy licker (42%)      (58%)
Kolonko Bitch (65%)      (35%)
Smell Bombo Stinky pussy (82%)      (18%)
You mami im toto Your mothers pussy (75%)      (25%)
You mami in Bombo your mom's pussy (84%)      (16%)
basta-dog bastard (70%)      (30%)
dutty kolombo dirty tramp (73%)      (27%)
ralle gyal (ral-e gyal) sket (58%)      (42%)
u mami im bombo your mother's pussy (56%)      (44%)
you mami im conk your moms cunt (56%)      (44%)
yuh too big yai you're too greedy (64%)      (36%)

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