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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
basement butt slut basement butt slut (54%)      (46%)
cock holster cock sucker (34%)      (66%)
Dumbass An idiot (86%)      (14%)
eat that taco lick that pussy (41%)      (59%)
Fuck you asshole, Go lick a dick. Fuck you asshole, Go lick a dick. (79%)      (21%)
Is it *that* time of month? are you on your period? (74%)      (26%)
Jerk Off Wanker (64%)      (36%)
mo fo muther fucka (86%)      (14%)
Motherfucker suck on my hairy balls suck balls (64%)      (36%)
Purple Headed Yogurt Slinger Penis (65%)      (35%)
Wound Socket Period Vagina (70%)      (30%)
you dumb ass you dumb ass (78%)      (22%)