Palau Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Kikil a delam Your Moms Pussy (83%)      (17%)
Mekekad Bitch (36%)      (64%)
Meleketak Masterbate (88%)      (13%)
Menga Tuu Cock Sucker (29%)      (71%)
Mengara Kikil A Delam Eating Your Mom's Pussy (43%)      (57%)
Sechelouch Horny (75%)      (25%)
bediu a kikkil pussy stink (56%)      (44%)
bediu a ptil your ass stinks (36%)      (64%)
meruu a ibuchel handjob by guy (33%)      (67%)
meses su uau (wow) stupid (67%)      (33%)
oltu er a delal fucking your mother (50%)      (50%)
seuak a kikim i like pussy (21%)      (79%)

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